How To Have A Sound Bath At Home

While we are still locked inside our homes due to the global pandemic, many are turning to various home therapies to relieve anxiety and cabin fever. All yoga classes have gone online, as well as intense workout training to keep the body active. There are also spiritual classes being held all over the world that can be purchased through the internet.

With so many ways to help ease your mind amid current events, one of the most popular ways that many people are benefiting from is a relaxing bath at home.

If you don’t want to stare at a screen while you meditate, heal, and practice mindfulness, making your own sound bath at home will do the trick. Sound healing is growing in popularity these days, with the sounds produced by various tools interacting with the frequencies of the mind allowing a person to attract what they want into their life.

The sound produced in sound baths is powerful enough to induce brain waves, which also causes the listener to enter a more relaxed state. When people are able to relax the mind, it causes many physiological effects to occur, even not in that physical space.

Consider a sound bath similar to meditation, but more like a deep dive into it. It requires a more passive engagement.

So, how do you start a sound bath at home? The first thing would be to get some sound healing tools, such as tuning forks, singing bowls, goings, etc. Whatever you are comfortable with. Not for these tools? You can always listen to sound healing audios that are available today. All you need is to connect to your earphones or speaker, and you are ready to start your sound bath.

So, what happens now?

How to Have a Sound Bath at Home

Shake Your Home With Louder Tones

For a sound bath, you can soften your home using higher tones. You can increase the volume and walk around the house. Doing so is an excellent way to remove negative energy from a space.

Start Get Comfortable

When you have finally smudged the space, it is time to get comfortable. Sit and get comfortable and if you have crystals, surround yourself with it. You can also light some candles for that relaxing vibe.

Set an Intent

Before you start your sound bath, set an intention. If you can, think about that intention for a few minutes before you hit the play button or start playing your sound healing instrument. Feel the flow of intention within your body and simply focus on that. When the mind wanders, go back to that intention and take a deep breath.

Start Your Sound Bath

A sound bath can last as long as you want. It’s best to start gradually—2 to 3 minutes will do if you’re a beginner. This works like meditation but with this, you allow the sounds to carry the brain waves. As you listen, focus on your intention and let the sound do its work.

Are you ready to start your sound bath? If you are looking for effective sound healing audios, check this out.