7 Benefits Of Crystal Energy For Love And Luck That May Change Your Perspective

Crystal healing or crystal therapy is a form of vibrational medicine. Crystals are a natural part of the abundance and wonderful resources of our incredible planet. They contain their own healing attributes that can be accessed by us for specific ailments both mentally and physically.

If you’re feeling a little down and unlucky in love, I recommend turning to crystals for an energetic boost. Seriously, they can really help you raise your personal energy frequency and accompany you on your journey to find your soul mate. This is because the different energies that the crystals emit can encourage positive health on all levels, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

If you’re feeling sad, rejected, cynical or a little lacking in direction in the love department, there are specific crystals that can help give you a positive lift and help you align your energies with the kind of fulfilling relationship you’re looking for.

There are certain crystals that work perfectly for those who need to open their hearts, heal their wounded hearts or support and prepare their hearts for new loving and healthy relationships.

You can wear them as a necklace or bracelet, hold them during a meditation or healing ritual or keep them around your home for positivity.

Many crystals that bring luck in love do so because they are vibrating with the energy of universal love. Usually any pink or green crystal helps to increase the flow of love in your life, this is because green is the color associated with the heart chakra and pink with universal love. That said, there are some specific crystals that are highly recommended for inviting luck and love into your life and they work well for certain unique situations.

Release old hurts – Apache Tear

This stone is a form of Obsidian known to help with depression, grief and negativity. If you are suffering from deep hurts and old emotional wounds from previous relationships, Apache Tear can help you heal and release any sadness from your heart.

The unusual name comes from a legend that says Apache women and children cried rivers of tears as they watched their men die to save their land and culture. These tears eventually hardened into Obsidian stones, called Apache Tears.

When you hold an Apache Tear, you feel your grief released.

Healing past heartbreaks – Rose Quartz

This beautiful pale pink stone is for healing old emotional wounds, encouraging forgiveness and releasing emotional baggage from old relationships.

It essentially works to invite love into your life and gently remind you of your worth. It balances the emotions and brings a gentle flow of constant love into any space. Wear it close to your heart or keep it by your bedside and charge it in sunlight or full moon.

Forgiveness in love – Rhodonite

This pink and black stone is the stone of forgiveness.

It helps you lift your spirits and clear your aura of anger, regret, bitterness and feelings of betrayal.

This will help you move from past pain to new love once again.

Boost your Confidence in love – Green Amazonite

This stone has a reputation for attracting love and luck, keeping it close to you will help boost your confidence and help you once you have opened your heart again to look for love.

Prepare to meet your soul – Malachite

Malachite has beautiful green patterns and swirls that will relieve painful memories and previous heartaches or negative patterns that were collected during toxic relationships. Malachite works to clear the way for new love. You can use it at night to help you remove subconscious blockages by placing it under your pillow or near you while you sleep. Malachite is very balancing and helps you feel stable, safe and secure as you open up to new love.

Attract yourself – Green Jade

Jade attracts harmony, luck and love.

Once you feel ready to bring true love into your life, use jade to keep you aligned with the right positive energy.

This stone helps you reach your significant other and offers you unfailing energetic support as you open your heart to love.

Maintain a healthy Relationship – Amazonite

Amazonite is a great crystal to help communication and any issues that remain with emotional baggage. It helps to strengthen a safe energy in your partnership, allowing you to maintain clear, open and loving communication with your lover.

Keep it around when you need to have some important conversations! It helps keep any tension calm and under control and also brings balance if things get heated.

Explore the beautiful world of crystals and feel the effects of that natural and healthy flow of energy that will keep your vibration high and open you to new and positive experiences. Using crystals is an incredible way to assist your healing journey in relationships and bring the vibration of luck, serendipity and love into your life, by restoring the natural harmony in your mind, in body and soul.