A Wellness Guide to Channeling the Energy of Sagittarius Season

On November 21/22 the sun left the watery energy of Scorpio and entered the strong and enthusiastic energy of the mutable fire sign Sagittarius. This is the zodiac sign of the Archer, one that represents a more expansive outlook, endless possibilities, and positive thinking.

It doesn’t matter what your Sun or Ascendant sign is; we all absorb and experience the prevailing astrological energy depending on where the sun is at that time, so you can enjoy the fun spirit of Sagittarius no matter what.

As Sagittarius season rolls around, you may be feeling more energized, passionate, and more excited about getting things done. After an intense Scorpio season filled with retrogrades and heavier energy, the defining mood of Sagittarius can feel like a breath of fresh air, like that extra cup of coffee we need for that jolt in blow that will make us strong.

The qualities usually associated with Sagittarius include optimism, abundance, love of adventure, and positive energy and magnanimity.

As the year draws to a close, you may be meeting deadlines, completing projects or planning to meet up with family and friends.

Sagittarius energy focuses heavily on movement, travel, and adventure. So, it makes sense that you need to be more cautious about doing too much and getting burned.

Our wellness tips this season will help you find the perfect balance between your Sag energy and passion with self-care so you don’t end up exhausted and overworked.

What does all this mean for your personal energy?

And how can you best channel the optimism and adventurous spirit commonly associated with Sagittarius?

Here are my helpful tips for tapping into the optimism and boldness of Sagittarius’ expansive energy:

Move Your Body

This joyful energy is about moving and stirring. It’s about adventure and rapid changes of scenery, exploration, and fun. While this is not the best time of year for long-distance travel due to the pandemic, you can still find a way to experience outdoor fun.

Nature walks, hiking, climbing, surfing, horseback riding, and skiing are all excellent Sagittarian activities. It’s something a little unpredictable and out of the ordinary that will make you feel charged and vibrant.

Sagittarius also rules the lower half of the body, so strengthening the legs and hip opening exercises are also beneficial.

Try the following Yoga poses:

  • All the warrior creates
  • A triangle
  • Low longes
  • A butterfly
  • King Pigeon

Crystals for healing

I like to change what crystals I use or have close to me during a specific season or time. I usually keep them close to me while I work on my laptop, or sometimes I carry them in my pocket or put them by the bed at night or in the car if I’m out and about.

If you are feeling the overworked side of this season’s energy, you may want to work with the healing energy of a crystal that can bring you back into balance, such as Selenite. This crystal activates the crown chakra and connects you to your higher self and Universal wisdom. Selenite is also wonderful for cleansing the aura and bringing you into harmony on all levels.

For amplifying the lucky, abundant, positive energy of the season, choose Turquoise and Pyrite. These are uplighting, joyful crystals that will bring prosperity and confidence as well as high energy and vibrations.

Take these crystals with you during the day, meditate with them or wear them as jewelry.

Essential Oils for the Season of Sagittarius

Even the busiest, happiest and most energetic of us need to rest and take some time for self-care. Choose the following essential oils to both encourage your free spirit and help you unwind and de-stress.

Tea tree, Lavender, Neroli, Jasmine, Bergamot and Chamomile are all wonderful aromas for this cheerful and busy energy.

Affirmations for the Sagittarius Season

You can harness the positive energies of Sagittarius by taking some time to reflect on the end of the year and look ahead to the future. Regardless of where you are personally, emotionally, professionally or in your health, now is the time to be grateful for the journey and the wisdom you have gained along the way.

Use these affirmations to get yourself resonating with the higher frequencies of positivity, abundance and optimism.
I trust life and my part in totality

  • I am a light in the world
  • I let old beliefs drop
  • I am open and ready for positive and new experiences
  • I am full of energy and joy
  • I can see the bigger picture
  • I trust in the Universe
  • I am filled with abundant love and appreciation
  • I am grateful for my life
  • Finally, Sagittarius is big on humor. Lighten up, look on the bright side, and keep smiling. Laughter is the best medicine!
    Make sure you spend time for fun and laughter, comedy can often be the best way to raise your vibration.

    Happy Season Sagittarius!