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This wisdom can also be the answer to life’s challenges.

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What I am talking about is the Tree of Life.

The people of the “elite” in power want to keep this sacred knowledge only to themselves.

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You see, the Tree of Life can be used to manifest the life we ​​desire.

It may be linked to immortality but it is also linked to providing a life of ease.

The Tree of Life appears in many of the world’s religions, philosophical traditions, and mythological stories all over the planet including Ancient Mesopotamia, Iran, China, Europe, the Mesoamerica and North America.

The most well-known Tree of Life is the one from the Kabbalah, which is what we have come to know.

It has ten interconnected nodes, symbolizing ten different powers that exist in the divine realm.

But the TRUE Tree of Life it has 12 nodes!

The Tree of Life with 12 spheres of energy flows freely between your energy field and the Divine, but the one with only 10 nodes shows that your energy is blocked from connecting to the Source.

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