Are You Living Your Life Or The Life Of Someone Else?

As you may already know, LOA works by giving you what you really want. This means that you cannot really lie to yourself. If you feel guilty for receiving money, because money is made to you by a bad person, then you push money away, no matter how hard you work.

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This is especially true when choosing a career and path in your life.

Most people do what those around them want to do. Maybe this is your case too. You attended college and chose the job your parents wanted for you.

Since you want to be a good person, since you want to make those around you proud, you put your preferences second and did as they asked you.

However, there is a big problem with this. It is sending the universe mixed signals. This is because you

you have your social duty and your duty to yourself. You are doing what is expected but not what you really want and you can only manifest what is really in your heart. This means that no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you struggle, it is practically impossible to manifest miracles, as it is not what you really want.

One of the greatest thinkers on the subject is Joseph Campbell. While he is not a LoA thinker and author, not in the traditional sense, many educated LoA practitioners read his books and followed his teachings. If you don’t know him it’s because he’s very difficult to understand and not well known to begin with. Campbell said a phrase over and over.

This is “follow your bliss”. In his books, “follow your bliss” means “follow your heart, your true calling”. He firmly believed that if you do what you love, if you follow your heart instead of your mind, the universe will put doors where before there were only walls.

Reading Campbell changed my life. If most of the concepts presented in the LoA field are basic mathematics, what Campbell presented in his books is the equivalent of Astro-Physics or quantum mechanics. It is a deep and meaningful philosophy of manifestation and everything comes together, from the mythologies of the world to your emotions and your own psyche.

Campbell also uses the metaphor of the cave quite a lot.

Imagine this.

You are a farmer. You work hard, year after year. But no matter how hard you try, you never seem to advance in life. You earn enough to put food on the table, maybe even on the side but you know you will never have enough to trade for more equipment or to buy more land.

You are stuck.

However, since this is the only way you have always known, you continue to do it, because living on little is better than you and your family starving.

A few kilometers from your farm there is a cave.

Every time you get close to him, you can hear sounds of scary animals like wolves and other monsters. You

they are afraid to go there. Legend has it that in this cave there is unlimited wealth, gold and jewels and expensive furs and everything you ever wanted.

But since you are afraid and don’t want to lose your life, you stay away from it. Not only that, but when your own two boys try to get close, you punish them and make them promise never to try again.

The years pass.

Then one year there is a great famine. Nothing grows. Crops are destroyed. You and your family face starvation. You try to make due with what you have. Sell ​​your animals or sacrifice them. Eventually, there is nothing left and no one can help you.

So since your back is against the wall, you do the worst possible, to enter the cave you fear.

You surround yourself with a sword and enter. Long heels appear on the walls. It’s wet and scary.

You walk for a few minutes. Then you hear the cry of an animal. You know you die now. But instead of seeing a huge wolf, you see a small lost dog. You walk further into the cave and reach the end. Full of treasure and there is nothing, maybe apart from some spiders who are afraid of you as you are of them.

You are a rich man now. You saved yourself and your family.

What does this mean?

It means that most people avoid doing what they know they should do unless they have no other choice. Most people do not live until survival is the only option. It’s no wonder that most lives change after a traumatic event such as a divorce or a car accident. You have to see the end to give yourself a new beginning.

We know what to do.

We know we should say no to that unhealthy relationship or that job. And yet, we fear the unknown so much; we are afraid of the cave we want to enter and therefore we stay in the bad circumstance. It is easier than facing what we fear.

And then when we have no other choice and have to face our fears, we discover that our fears are nothing. We just made them big in our minds. The monsters we expected to face are not even there or are much smaller. We do what we have been afraid to do for years and discover that it is simple and effortless.

Then we ask ourselves “why didn’t we do this before?”

The monsters, the dragons that stand between us and our dreams are not big and scary. They are big and scary only in our minds. They are small and weak and no match for us.

And so it is with someone else’s life.

We fear that if we stop following what our spouse or parents or friends say, we will have to face something much worse. But change is effortless and a much better life awaits us, if only we find the courage to walk through that door.

I discovered that in life, most fears are blown out of proportion and that nothing is as bad as it seems in our minds. Even the terrible things are much easier to solve and make good compared to how we imagine them.

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t fool yourself. If in your heart you want something else than what you are doing, then do it. Sure, it’s scary but the universe will help you. You are never alone. You are manifesting a new reality through the unlimited power of the universe. And since this will be the truth, your real truth is not what you tell other people, you will be able to manifest much easier than before.

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