What You Should Know About Applying the Law of Attraction

By Heather Mathews
Author of Miracle Manifestation

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Many people make the mistake of focusing on the bad things that happen in their lives. They tend to dwell on the things that go wrong, instead of what could go well if only they tried harder to destroy the negative vibes floating around in their minds.

What people don’t realize when they apply the law of attraction, is that the more they concentrate on the black area, the more they see it. It’s like being in the dark, literally.

At first, it’s shocking, but as you stay longer, you start to feel comfortable being in the dark. The more you sit, the more you will get used to it and adjust accordingly.

In life, it is the same. But instead of getting used to accepting the negativity around you, you have to condition yourself to be in the light so that your tendency is to attract the path that leads you there.

Simply put, applying the Law of Attraction is about manifesting your desires by thinking about them. If you believe them enough and think that these things will happen for you, then they will come true. The first step to having it all is to think you can.

The universe provides the playground for infinite possibilities and it’s time to take advantage of it.

When you apply the law of attraction, you not only send positive thoughts to circulate in the atmosphere, but also make room in your life for good things to begin to happen. What you send out, you also attract.

Of course, it is not so easy to concentrate on the positive side of life, especially when you are knee deep in unpleasant situations.

But the benefits of applying the law of attraction outweigh the effort so it is better if you think long term instead of being carried away by your emotions at the moment you feel them, especially the negative ones.

You are the one who sets your own limitations. If you want to manifest wealth, manifest your dreams, prosperity and all that, you need to get your mind in shape.

Successful manifestation of your dreams can be achieved by conditioning your mind that the law of attraction is real and can work for you.

Many people are skeptical about this, thinking that it is a concept that cannot be proven, but you are proof that everything that happens is because of you and your actions.

Now, some people will argue that they have been dealt a harder hand in life, but if you accept the concept behind the law of attraction, you will realize that you are in charge of your life.

It is both terrifying and liberating at the same time.

Think of yourself as an artist who is painting his life through his thoughts. When you put your heart and soul

in what you are doing, and you think only the best can come out of your work, then you produce one of a kind art that reflects all that is good in you.

Your life is your canvas. Use only the best materials to create your masterpiece.

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