Attract What You Desire Using Healthy Thought Patterns

Don’t you think it’s time to lose your (old) mind and create a new one?

For some people, they are already happy to live a comfortable life.

Life inside their comfort zone, where everything is safe and easy to control.

For others… this is not the case.

It is very common to be dissatisfied with your present life, and yet you remain stuck in it because it has become a habit.

Living in the past is also a great excuse not to make changes.

We can validate all of our past negative experiences, traumas, and hurts when we continue to give them our energy.

You hand over your power to that thing and deny yourself the chance to make any changes.

Essentially, most of us wake up every day with the same problems.

Whether it’s money worries, work stress, health, family or relationship issues, we tend to return to the same thought pattern over and over again.

All of us have had some kind of trauma, shock, or negative experience that at the time created strong emotional reactions.

These emotional reactions create chemicals, such as adrenaline and cortisol in our body that we associate with those memories.

The problem occurs when we continue to reinforce those thoughts, memories, and subsequent chemical reactions as we return to the same thoughts time and time again.

If we do this long enough, it becomes our normalized state of being.

Think, for example, if you have experienced betrayal in a relationship.

You have been hurt and very upset for a long time.

If you constantly think about betrayal, you are essentially thinking about the past.

Every memory you have has an associated emotion, so when you dwell on those bad memories, you also end up feeling that emotion again.

Your mind and body therefore remain stuck in the past because you are essentially recreating those thoughts and feelings all over again.

If you are driven by those negative thoughts, you are keeping your body and mind in the past.

Remember that your mind cannot distinguish between memory or real life—whatever is creating those emotions at that time feels 100% real to your mind and body.

It’s a vicious cycle.

What happens, then?

You stay stuck in the past and recreate the same thing over and over again. You reaffirm your life as you know it to be.

How do you change?

You have to make an effort to change how you think.

You need to get out from under the burden of the past and find new patterns of thinking long enough to begin to turn your regular state of being into something completely different.

If your life is going pretty well, it’s much easier to forget the past and move on.

But if you are not happy with the way things are going in your life, it is much more likely that you are stuck in old emotional cycles, that you are driven by those negative thought processes.

There are many times in our lives when we don’t realize that we are living based on our past experiences.

It takes time and effort to turn around unconscious choices, thoughts and ways of speaking.

For example, if feeling stressed is familiar to us, we can see how we are always saying we are stressed, acting stressed, talking stressed, reinforcing to others that we are stressed, and probably hanging out with other people who are stressed too!

If we are always stressed, then not being one will feel totally alien to us.

He will feel bad because he is not so familiar.

This is why this work takes conscious effort.

You have to literally teach your mind new ways of thinking and feeling.

You have to let your mind think in completely new ways.

Choose Differently and Create Healthy Thought Patterns

Here are some tips to help you start changing your life by making different choices and choosing different thoughts:

Create a Thought Journal

Write down all your negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors and beliefs that you no longer want to live with.

Be sure to capture yourself and the way you tend to speak:

  • What words do you use?
  • What things do you always say?

Be aware of these every day so that you can stop yourself from repeating only the old and familiar ways of thinking.

In your thought journal, write down new positive thoughts, affirmations and beliefs that you want to keep as a habit.

Take time each day to write these down and repeat them in your mind until your mind becomes familiar with them.

I meditated

Every single day, take time to meditate and teach your body new emotions and thoughts.

Sit still until you genuinely feel these new sensations in your body.

The practice of actually feeling like a new person is the key to change.


Before you start each day, prepare your mind by imagining how your day will unfold.

For example, see yourself being relaxed, going through your day doing everything easily, and being a happy, positive and communicative person.

Essentially, you are instilling in the mind new ways of thinking, feeling, and doing.

If you do the work every day and you do it with energy and passion, you will change your reality.

Creating a new future starts with making a different choice.

If you want to get out of your past, you have to be prepared to change the way you think.

The unknown future is not scary, it is full of magic and everything you want to create!

It’s time to grab this chance. Now you have the power.

Use this FREE Thought Journal to begin your journey to create healthy thought patterns.

The question is… will you use it?