What You Need To Know About Ghost Month

In Asia, the month of August is considered Ghost Month—and no, it has nothing to do with ghosts or any other supernatural stuff. According to Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, the seventh month of the year is a time to offer to ancestors and dead spirits.

Anyway, there are different perspectives of this month.

During the seventh month of the year, the Chinese hold roadside prayers at night, in which offerings are made to the stray spirits to appease them. On the other hand, the Taoists perform ceremonies to worship the Great Emperor Lord of the Earth and to free the dead spirits from their sufferings.

The Confucians treat this time as the Autumn Harvest, in which on the 15th day, they will remember the good actions of their ancestors and give them a salute.

There are some things you should avoid during this time of year, such as:

  • He attends funerals
  • Visit the sick
  • Keep major life events, such as weddings, starting or opening new businesses, signing contracts, etc.
  • Go out late or travel at night
  • Sleep in front of a mirror
  • Hold big parties

Now that you know what to avoid, what are the things you can do during this month?

Make sure your home is well lit

Although ghost month isn’t all about ghosts, it won’t hurt to do some things to prevent them from entering your home. In order to do this, keeping your home well lit at all times is important.

Trim your garden

Hungry ghosts like places like forests and if your garden is starting to look unfilled, it’s time to do some trimming. It is essential to do this before the ghost month enters. Get rid of weeds, fallen leaves, etc. Make sure your garden is tidy and neat.

Food Offer

You can set a table full of food and light a candle in the name of your dead loved ones. There is no specific food to put, so the choice is all yours. If you have incense sticks, light them at nine o’clock and go through each room of the house. Fill every room with fragrant incense smoke to cleanse your home.

There is really nothing to be afraid of during the ghost month, but it also will not hurt to do some of the things listed above, especially if you believe in it.

Have a great month ahead!