Choose a Color: Abundance Message for 2023

2022 has been a rollercoaster ride unlike any other, bringing both highs and lows, ups and downs.

We couldn’t control the track or land until we got to the end of the year.

Despite moments of difficulty and confusion, many opportunities to learn grew out of this experience.

Many changes happened quickly at times, but they taught us to clearly communicate our needs and respond to what is most important.

At the end of it all, we are shape-shifters who can bend into anything life throws at us!

2023 is the year for greater health, growth, happiness and abundance.

Yes, the pandemic is still around us, but this is not the time to move and sit outside.

Use it to your advantage and work to manifest your desires – like abundance!

Build your belief and self-confidence that this is the year for you.

The year you will acquire everything you deserve in life.

Manifesting is not about asking the Universe to do it for you.

Manifestation is about taking strong, aligned actions to achieve your goals.

It’s about turning your dreams into plans and your plans into reality!

Fight your 2022 blues with the Universe’s message of abundance.

Let this message start your 2023.

You have the power to choose which message you will receive.

Choose a color that resonates with you. Options:

  • Magenta
  • Blue
  • Green


The Universe is telling you today:

Life is about balance.

I know you have deadlines. I know you have a lot of work to do.

I know you want to end things. I know you want to manifest abundance. I know you need money.

But you can’t do it all overnight. Rest is also important.

It does not belong only to sleep but a time to rest your mind and heart.

You can still manifest, trust me.

But it is essential to take your time.

Your body can only do so much. Your vibration and energy can be reduced if you push too hard.

Find time to meditate and align your vibration with your goals.

You can do this by focusing on happy feelings whenever you think about wealth. It lights up in abundance.

Stop worrying that if you stop, it won’t happen. Believe that it will and flow with that thought.

I have prepared an affirmation for you to say before your day ends.

Affirmation: While I rest, I can still manifest.


The Universe is telling you today:

I saw your efforts. I know all your sufferings.

I’ve been with you since the beginning, so I know what you’ve been through.

I appreciate you continuing to push. I am amazed by your strength and will.

What I want you to do now is to have faith in me. Trust my timing.

Big things are coming your way. The good you have been praying for has arrived.

What you have been manifesting day and night will become your reality.

Receive this blessing from me and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I am sending you abundance and healing miracles to start your 2021 right.

Stay humble and continue your hard work.

I have prepared an affirmation for you to start your day.

Affirmation: I am ready now more than ever. I welcome abundance into my life with my arms wide open and my heart full of gratitude.


The Universe is telling you today:

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and that’s okay.

Instead of feeling disappointment and resentment, take this as a sign that I am guiding you on the right path to abundance.

It is completely fine to make detailed plans as this will act as your guide.

But I hope that when sudden situations arise that lead you in a different direction, you can take it as a challenge.

The path I have set for you will give you satisfaction and opportunities for expansion.

It is the path that takes you one step closer to your desires.

Whichever way your angels turn, believe that I have positioned prosperity as the ultimate goal.

I have prepared an affirmation that you can say at any time of the day to strengthen your desires:

Affirmation: I believe I will never run out of ways to make money. I’m happy to walk on it head on which way I’m on.

Did the message resonate with you? Which card did you choose? Let us know by commenting below.

We have more of these in store for you!

Tune in to us, your Manifestation Magic family, for your ultimate guide to abundance.

Take charge this 2023 and go for the life you want!