Magical Law of Attraction Scripting

Struggling to stay focused during meditation or visualization?

The Law of Attraction works amazingly well with either or both!

However, many people find it challenging.

Sitting still and focusing on one thing can be quite a challenge!

And even though it takes some time and practice, it can be too much for some.

And sometimes, we need some (more) help.

This is where I recommend using the power of scripting.

Scripting is a great way for positive affirmation, as it allows you to handpick the exact words you want to hear and use.

Not only that, but the script gives you control over how often and when you repeat the affirmations so you don’t get sick of hearing them.

Some people may be intimidated by the idea of ​​scripting because it sounds a bit daunting, but honestly, it can be very easy and fun!

What is LOA Scripting?

The script is a LOA technique in which you write down in detail the reality you want to manifest.

This involves letting your imagination run wild and pouring it all out on paper.

Think of it like writing a story.

It’s like a journal, but you use the present tense.

When you write for LOA, you stay grounded in reality because you believe that everything you write will happen in your life.

Doing this technique allows you to explore your dreams and desires in detail.

You will be able to get clear about what you really want in life.

Your visualization takes a different form as they spread out on the paper.

In turn, you get better at visualizing the life you’ve always wanted.

As you dive deeper into the details of what you want to manifest, you gain access to the deepest parts of your mind — revealing untouched thoughts that unfold a new perspective, which will bring you more opportunities to bring you closer to your desires. .

As you go deeper, you have to tap into your emotions deeply; therefore, it establishes stronger faith in the LOA.

Here’s an example I wrote back when I was still looking for a job:

“Today I look at the job listings, I see some that meet my needs. I am excited for their positive reactions tomorrow!”

It was short, but it was pretty simple.

Back then, I didn’t realize the power of the script until I looked back a few months ago, and realized I got great answers the next day.

As soon as I realized that, I started getting into scripting even more intentionally.

And that’s when I had more amazing experiences!

There was even a time when I manifested my entire day through scripting and IT. DID. IT HAPPENS.

It was really mind blowing.

It’s All About Words!

If you can’t string a few sentences together, don’t worry!

You can write words instead that make you feel good.

Thus, it helps to raise your vibrational energy to align you with the frequencies of your desires.

There’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to the script.

In fact, it shouldn’t stress you out.

So, it doesn’t matter if you can write a story, a few sentences, or nothing.

The important thing is to write something that can help you have a clearer picture of what you want to manifest in your life.

Keep it light and just go with the flow.

Enjoy the process and let your imagination take you where your heart lies.

The Beginning of a Magical Script

Here’s something to guide you through the LOA script.

First, I want you to be clear about what you want. Next, write the reason you want it.

Is it something that can make you feel more comfortable?

Is it someone who will make you feel happier?

Whatever the reason, it is essential that you know the “why,” and write it as part of your script.

Now, imagine how it feels to have it.

Imagine that you already have that thing or person in your life. How do you feel?

Feel it and write it down. Feel it as if it is already in your life.

Then, make it believable. Write it down as if it is already happening in your life.

If you feel resistance, make your script more general by adding fewer details or amounts.

When you are ready to write down all the details of your desire, express gratitude in your writing for what you want to attract as if you already have it in your life.

When your script is ready, read it regularly.

Read it every day, and as much as you can.

When you complete your script each day, it aligns the vibrational energy with your desires, which then pushes them to manifest in your life.

You are the author of your life.

Grab a pen and paper and write down how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with.