Clarify and Sharpen Your Vision for 2021: Vibrate High and Manifest!

On the Solstice of December 21st, we have the Grand Conjunction in Aquarius as Jupiter and Saturn align for the first time in an air sign in 800 years.

What you do between now and December 21st will be of great importance to the future you are creating.

Staying aligned with your true self and maintaining a high frequency vibration is crucial to truly start living the life you deserve.

Remember, you are creating your future in every moment. You get to choose what your life looks like. You get to focus on the love, abundance, and happiness you desire.

The incredibly powerful energy coming our way from this celestial planetary movement is the perfect time to create vibrational coherence within yourself and begin visualizing what you wish to attract for yourself and the entire world.

I cannot emphasize enough how significant the Great Gathering of December 21 is for us as individuals and for the collective.

This event was in ancient prophecies, from indigenous cultures all over the world to the bible.

Of course the effects of the Grand Conjunction will unfold over time, but December 21st acts as a kind of portal, coming into the light – so it is crucial that you are ready to vibrate at the highest frequency your

Whatever you are feeling during this time, it will be magnified. So make sure you maintain a disciplined focus on feeling high vibrational emotions, such as gratitude, joy, happiness, love and compassion.

Remember that you are literally feeding your energy and creating your future with your vibration.

How to Keep Vibrating High

These are my personal favorite ways to raise my vibration quickly:

  1. I meditated
  2. Listen to uplifting music and dance!
  3. Drink water / eat plant based.
  4. Gratitude List
  5. Laugh!
  6. Create something
  7. Walk in nature.

Remember that trying to be positive is not the same as actually being true to how you are feeling. You cannot suddenly feel happy if you have been feeling scared, sad and depressed.

Go slowly up the emotional scale and don’t run away from the discomfort.
Allow yourself to feel your feelings and do what is true for you. Do your best to improve your mood in the moment.

Our vibrations reach their highest level when we are actually authentic to how we feel, connected to ourselves on a deep level.

So, now that you are more often creating vibrational coherence within yourself, you can think about how you want to use the Grand Conjunction to attract what you desire and manifest.

How to Use the Grand Conjunction to Manifest Your Vision for 2021 and Beyond

It is time to release old negative habits, behaviors and patterns to create space for change and a new way of doing things. This takes discipline, focus, and above all desire. You may need to tolerate some level of discomfort in the process, but if you are willing you can use this time to make some serious progress towards things you have been dreaming about for years.

Jupiter and Saturn are a perfect combination of expansion and structure. They relate to professional achievements. Each of them offers an opportunity for you to accomplish something you may have struggled with before.

Jupiter – It is associated with abundance, expansion, optimism, and seeing beyond the limits for future potential. It is a lucky planet, bringing abundance, natural gifts and

Saturn – It is associated with rules, structure and boundaries. It is where we grow and become wiser, harnessing our innate discipline and strength.

The Great Conjunction of these two planets asks you the following questions of you:

  • What major changes can I support at this time?
  • What role will I play in this great time of change?
  • What fires in my life need to be lit right now?
  • What am I looking for?

Manifestation Ritual for December 21st (or the days leading up to it)

First Step: Decide what you want to attract specifically.
Choose something big, a goal that has been calling you, a way of life you want to implement, a career change, a relationship, a move across the country, a creative project.

It’s a great time to project far into the future – consider the kind of life you want to live over the next ten years.

Let your imagination soar. Be brave, be brave, and dare to dream big.

If you want to focus on more than one thing, you can do this ritual several times or journal around the big ideas you want to attract and consolidate them into one goal.

Second Step: Find a sacred space in your home to sit for this ritual. Light a candle, create a crystal grid, whatever makes you feel peaceful and ready to channel the powerful energies of the Winter Solstice.

Step Three: Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo or simply with your intention.
Repeat or write a mantra like the following:

“I now release all the heavy energy of my past and anything that weighs me down energetically. I release and surrender all the heavy baggage I have picked up on my life’s journey thus far, and ask that it be transmuted and returned to Earth. I connect and align with Source. I feel love, I feel gratitude and I feel power. Thank you.”

Fourth Step: Create a symbol of what you want to focus on attracting. Write it down, draw it, or use a sacred object that resonates with you as a representation of your dream. This can be anything from a photo, a crystal, a word, a feather – whatever feels good to you.

Step Five: Meditate and visualize your dream as a reality. Stay for as long as you need, try to feel the emotion of having this life right now in your present.

Remember that manifestation is about aligning with the energy of the universe to create a new reality. It is about being and becoming. So feel it energetically now.

Final Step: When you feel you have completed your meditation, repeat the following:

“Thank you to the Divine Source, the Universe and all of Creation. I intend to align myself with my highest vibration and to work in co-creation to bring about my desires. I believe in myself and the beauty of the Universe. I attract what I think about, and I will become what I believe to be true. I intend to create a life that will benefit the world through my joyful experience.”

You can send prayers of gratitude and healing to the entire planet.

Peace and happiness be with you on this incredible day.