What Does the Universe Want for You?

As we begin to say goodbye to what has been an unusual and challenging year for many of us, take a moment to think about what goes through your mind.

When we start a new year, we always look forward to what we hope to achieve, but how about looking back at how the year went and went?

When I listen to the people around me, I hear conversations about what they couldn’t achieve this year, what stopped them, and why — their conversations about how difficult this year was, how unprecedented and obscure it was .

Yes! This year they tested each of us again and again and again.

Despite the circumstances, it is always good practice to reflect on the year, and perhaps, we came out a little better than when we started.

You may have felt more stressed and anxious than in previous years, resulting in strain in your relationships.

Maybe you are doing it hard because of financial hardship or loss.

Here are some questions to help you reflect on this year –

  • How did you manage the uncertainties that life presented to you?
  • Were there any Aha moments this year? When and what were they?
  • What lessons have these moments taught you?
  • Despite the challenges, have you been able to be kind to yourself and those around you?
  • Have you found yourself in circumstances you never thought you would face? What were they?
  • And despite these, were you able to push yourself a little more?
  • Have you taken this year’s challenges and turned them to challenge yourself?
  • Are you challenging yourself to be more, feel more, and embrace more?
  • Is there a common theme that occurred?
  • Or did you keep seeing signs that made you wonder if they were synchronicities?

And if you feel that the Universe is against you, ask yourself some questions:

  • What does the Universe want for me?
  • What are the signs the Universe is sending me? Was I ignoring them?
  • What brings me joy, and what images do they conjure up in my mind? What are they trying to tell me?
  • When you can shift your perspective to see it through the eyes of the Universe, you will instantly be objective and connect with your inner truth.

    So, are you living the life the Universe wants for you?

    In my humble opinion, if we all end this year with a little more patience, humor, and a lot of gratitude than we did at the beginning of 2020, then the Universe is already embracing us.

    PS: Pop over to the website to download your 17 Sacred Signs from the Universe.