Lionsgate Portal: What to Manifest on the Luckiest Day of the Year Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Have you been noticing a change in the vibration around you?

It’s not just you.

On August 8th, we have an incredible and elevated galactic energy happening under the mighty Lionsgate portal.

The numerology of 8/8 (August is the 8th month) activates this portal – together with the Sun in the sign of Leo, and the rising star Sirius.

The star Sirius, sometimes known as the “spiritual sun,” is a significant factor in the strength of the August 8 Lion’s Gate Portal activation.

This powerful combination of energy opens a galactic portal, allowing high frequency energy to reach Earth.

This deep and powerful spiritual light can be accessed and integrated by all of us at this time.

This spiritual and cosmic portal can be traced back to ancient Egypt, it has been honored as a crucial time of powerful galactic energy for thousands of years.

The ancient people followed the rising of the bright star Sirius, and believed it to be symbolic of rebirth, abundance, creation of consciousness, and spiritual awareness.

The energies of Sirius have long been associated with fertility, abundance, prosperity and harvest, but also expansion of the spiritual mind.

This is because Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun — it is actually twice the size of our sun and much brighter.

At the same time, our Sun shines light on our physical world, Sirius, as our Spiritual Sun illuminates our spiritual souls.

Ancient civilizations were connected to Sirius, believing it to be the gateway to heaven and a place where higher vibrational beings lived.

They believe that the energy from Sirius flooded the Earth with a very advanced wisdom and spiritual light that we could connect with whenever Sirius was shining in the sky.

Exactly when you see this star depends on where you are on the planet and the latitude of your location.

Anyway, regardless August 8th has become an auspicious date to observe the beginning of this portal thanks to the powerful numerology of 8/8.

You can expect to feel the strength of this vibrational energy before and after.

So, what should you focus on during this time?

Your zodiac sign may be affected, but the result will definitely be good.

For Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, to be clear, you were avoiding taking risks. This type of move is preventing you from living the life you want.

Let go of that mindset now. When it comes to your financial status, the stars are aligned in your favor.

Put some money down for a lottery ticket and go for it.

Who knows… you might have a chance to win a lot of money.

Earth signs, such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, you are making a conscious choice to live a life of happiness.

Negativity can be banished from your surroundings if you choose to start anew within yourself.

But he will need to let go of old baggage and emotions in order to do so.

If you want to live your best life ever, you need to focus on personal progress, which will allow you to fill your heart with joy and inspire others to do the same.

The air signs of the zodiac—including Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius they are great people but you constantly sacrifice your happiness in order to make others happy.

Get out of your little world and explore what’s out there.

We know how much you enjoy living there, but now is the perfect time to get out there and see the world.

Take in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations of various new places.

Get out of your comfort zone and reach new heights. Enjoy your independence.

It’s time to think about yourself for once.

For water signs, such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, look at things from someone else’s perspective and stop talking about your feelings.

Being a little less wrapped up in your problems can allow you to better understand the situation and gain the clarity you need.

Take a step back and look at the big picture instead of dwelling on the details and focusing on yourself.

It’s time to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Through this, you will be able to manifest a friendship that will last a lifetime.

What do you say… ready for the portal to open?