Find Harmony, Balance and Connection this September Equinox

This September 22nd we will experience a major shift in energy with the Fall Equinox.

The Equinox is when the hours of light and darkness are the same, the sun passes through the equator moving from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere.

This occurs on September 22, when autumn begins for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and spring begins for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

This change in seasons in certain countries means the changing energy also reflected by our planet.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we see the leaves falling from the trees and Mother Nature urges us to be still and look within, as it slows down. In the Southern Hemisphere, energy is moving outward, encouraging us to be creative, as flowers bloom and fertility returns to Earth.

The Equinox is traditionally a time when light and dark come into balance and there is very little separation between the dimensions. This makes it a pertinent time to tap into your intuition and wisdom and to be aware of your psychic abilities. Third eye activations can easily occur during this time.

My Experience with Equinox Energy

I have always seen the equinox as the perfect time to focus on coming into balance myself and connect strongly with the natural rhythms of the earth.

I remember many years ago on the morning of the equinox I set my alarm to see the sunrise and hear the energy and feel what he wanted me to know at that moment.

As I meditated, the answer I received was about connecting with nature and bringing my body, spirit and mind back to a state of harmony. I have taken that message with me every year through this seasonal change.

Think how strange it is that we no longer live in rhythm with the natural cycles of the earth.

Most of us are much more attuned to the pace and speed of the Internet than the strong silence of the trees or the gentle flow of a river. However we are as much a part of this earth as a flower, a tree or a river. It doesn’t make sense to me that we spend our lives so detached from nature.

My suggestion to you this equinox is to meditate on what it might mean for you. It is such a personal thing, and taking some time to go within, be still and focus on what the mystical energy wants you to see, know and feel for your own spiritual growth is essential.

Here are some of my tips for harnessing the energy of the equinox:

Look for Balance

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I pursuing work that truly brings me joy?
  • Am I spending time with people who enlighten me?
  • Do I appreciate my environment and make the most of my time in nature?
  • Do I feel too busy to take time for quiet meditation?

Think about how you can bring more balance into your life, and do something today to work towards that. Whether it’s a walk in the forest, a trip to buy fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market or taking a moment to look at the stars before you go to sleep.

Embrace impermanence

I used to find the energy of Fall a little melancholic, as the leaves change color and fall to the ground, I used to feel sorrow for the trees that were left behind with bare branches. Then I realized the beauty of this kind of change and transformation. Everything in life is impermanent and the beauty is in every moment you observe in your present experience.

When I see those leaves fall now, I find inspiration to let go of what is ready to go in my own life. I encourage you to do the same.

Let go of what no longer serves your growth at this moment, and know that in that release comes the opportunity for new experiences.

If you are experiencing the beginning of Spring where you are, you may feel a different energy. One of new beginnings and ideas that flourish. You can take this time to connect with what it means to you in a creative and spiritual way.

Dig deep and Listen

Trust yourself to know what is right for you. Use the spiritual power of the equinox to listen to your intuition through meditation, yoga, a quiet walk in nature or take part in some creative work such as painting or playing music.

Listen to the land and what you want to know.

Remember that the passage of time and the achievement of logging goals and achievements are not the end of all our lives.
What’s really important is to appreciate every moment we’re alive, and I’ve found that whenever I return to harmony with nature, it comes to me as easily as breathing.

It is much easier to listen to what your inner self wants to know when you can be still and move in sync with the natural rhythms of the world.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and harmonious equinox, wherever you are in the world.