Get To Know Your Aura & How To Cleanse It

We all experience feeling “off.” There are days when we are irritated, or we’re down, or simply easily agitated. It’s hard to get out of it, especially when we have other things to do that we tend to go about our days without dealing with our feelings first.

Usually, this happens because of the negative energies that have built up in our body. Therefore, I recommend aura cleansing.

The aura is our energetic body and is a reflection of our emotional body, and with our ever-changing emotions, they change too.

What is Aura

Simply put, an aura is the energy that an individual exudes. Like all things in this world, all things have energy. I Humans radiate a low level of electricity, which is also called the electromagnetic field. In some philosophies, auras are a reflection of your state.

It’s the feeling you get when you see someone—some may turn you on; others may feel heavy, while others will feel light. It gathers energies even before the person speaks a word. This happens because you sense someone’s aura and your energy reacts to it.

Auras can be compared to “vibes.” Vibes is short for vibrational frequency, and everyone has it; and not only humans, but all living creatures on this planet as well, such as plants, animals, trees, and many more.

What Does It Look Like?

You may be curious to know what an aura looks like, or if it has an image at all. The truth is, there is no specific image for it because it depends on how an individual captures it. However, there is a thing called auditory photography that captures these energies. Using this method of photography, artists captured auras to appear like a halo or bubble of light surrounding the physical body.

How Can You See Your Aura?

If you don’t have special equipment to capture your aura, you can still see it on your own. You can do this by softening and slightly squinting your eyes and looking in the mirror. This will take some practice, so be patient.

That way, it’s easier to pick up your aura from your peripheral vision. However, this requires great care.

Another way to see and read your aura is to sit on a chair, put your palms together. Close your eyes and rub your palms gently for 45 seconds. Feel the warmth and energy you are creating from your hands, and when you are ready, open your hands—you may see a trace of your aura on the outline of your hand.

Finally, simple meditation doesn’t hurt. Keep your hand away from your body and separate all your fingers. Meditate on your hand and fingers for 45 seconds. Over time, you may be able to see your aura.

The Colors of the Aura

It is said that each layer of the aura is represented by a different color. Some believe that these colors vary and interact, showing how spiritually, physically and emotionally complex a person is.

Here are some of the things you should know about aura colors and their corresponding chakras:


Energetic, strong willed, well grounded. It reflects from the tendon and can be felt or even visible between the tailbone and the pelvic bone.


Thoughtful, considerate, adventurous. It reflects the sacral layer and can be felt under the naval.


Relaxed, easygoing, creative. It can be felt around the solar plexus or the area under the rib.


Social, nurturing, communicator. It reflects the heart chakra and can be felt in or around the chest.


Spiritual, free-minded, intuitive. It reflects the throat chakra and can be felt at the base of the throat.


Curious, kind. It reflects the third eye and can be felt in the center of the forehead.

Since auras can change over time, you may reach a point when you need some cleansing. Your emotions and experiences have a real impact on your aura. The thing is, if you feel like your aura is “off” right now, don’t worry; it won’t stay that way forever.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for an Aura Cleansing?

If you are feeling anxious, lethargic, or feel like your energies are low, then this is the perfect time to do some aura cleansing.

How to Cleanse the Aura

There are things you can do about it to clear your aura and allow new and fresh energies to flow:

Do Some Breathwork

There are many ways to breathe, and you can do some breath work to clear your aura. Start with three deep, slow breaths in and out through the nose and feel your belly rise and fall. You can do this exercise for at least three minutes and be sure to pay attention to what you feel in the process.

Doing some breath work will help you clear and strengthen your aura, allowing you to clearly distinguish which feelings, thoughts and sensations are yours from those of others.

Do Some Writing

Find a quiet and comfortable space without any distractions. Light a candle if you want and grab a notebook and pen, and write down your feelings and thoughts. let it flow—write down every thought that comes first, even if nothing comes to mind. Eventually, the words will come out.

Do Some Smudging

Here, we talked about smudging with sage. Apart from cleaning the energies in the house, you can also do this to clean your aura. Let the smoke surround your body and feel and smell the smoke slowly engulfing you. Do this for a few minutes or as desired.