Get Ready for a Vision Reset with the Sagittarius New Moon: November 23rd

Feeling ready for some new energy in your life?

Well, hold on a little longer because the upcoming Sagittarius New Moon on November 23 will remove the cobwebs and bring the promise of a new beginning.

After the intensity of the eclipse energies we experienced, this New Moon will feel both soothing and inspiring.

Quick Sagittarius New Moon Facts:

The New Moon happens once a month in the Moon’s cycle, when the Sun and the Moon come together at the same point in the sky.

When? 23 November 2022

Sagittarius Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Sagittarius Symbol – The Arch

Element Sagittarius – Fire

Sagittarius Qualities – Courage, Optimism, Adventure, Positivity, Luck, Risk Taking, Forever searching for answers and solutions.

Take Note – Jupiter exits 4 months of retrograde.

corresponding Full Moon – 3 June 2023

The energy accompanying this November New Moon creates the perfect environment for setting intentions, dreaming big, and expanding your vision of what is possible!

There is a stronger energy than ever around ‘new beginnings’ and we should all take advantage of it as best we can.

As I always say, the planets and their movements do not dictate the way you choose to live your life.

However, knowing in advance the type of cosmic energy that comes with certain astrological changes, is an incredible advantage.

It’s a heads up to everything that can be thrown at you by the Cosmos, so you can decide what to do best accordingly.

So let’s dive into the details of what to expect with this Sagittarius New Moon.

Time to reset and renew your vision.

It is an auspicious time to set short and long term intentions.

You can start by considering what you hope to achieve in the next six months when our skies are blessed with the corresponding Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023.

Jupiter Energy.

The fact that Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius and the largest planet in our solar system, turns direct just after the peak of the New Moon is exciting news!

This means that we will be receiving an extra dose of the expansive, abundant and positive energy of Jupiter.

Jupiter is all about seeing the bigger picture from a higher perspective – an expanded perspective.

This will help you stretch your own field of vision in terms of your knowledge and energy.

It will help you feel more vital, vibrant, and energized and to infuse everything you do with positivity.

You certainly feel that whatever task you decide to focus on right now, any energy you spend towards things that improve your life will be met with unlimited support from the Universe.

Discipline and Decisions.

Deciding to reset your vision and set good intentions requires some discipline.

Sometimes you need to set specific and realistic goals that can help you take action towards your dreams.

You have to consciously decide to do things differently, create new habits and develop new ways of working.

Try this approach:

  1. Write down What you want to achieve.
  2. Write down WHY you want it.
  3. Write WHEN you complete it by.
  4. Write HOW much time per day you will spend on it.
  5. Write ONE VEHICLE you can start today that will take you closer.

If you’ve been feeling confused or foggy about what you’re doing or how to approach your goals, you’ll find that this exercise will help you clarify exactly how to achieve your vision!

With this New Moon you will be able to truly envision a brighter future.

One that glitters and shines with all your hopes and dreams.

Hold yourself to a higher standard, safe in the knowledge that your soul is forever guiding you to what is most aligned for you.

The best way to keep yourself on track is to check in with your list every day.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Did you do what you set out to achieve today?
  • Did I feel grateful and happy for what I have done so far? If not, can I remind myself how far I’ve come?
  • Remember I have fun?

That’s also very important this Sagittarius season!

Sagittarius is wonderful at showing us how it is possible to apply yourself to your passions, work hard, set intentions and also experience happiness and joy in the process.

Don’t forget to embrace your inner adventurer and let all this positive energy lift you up and energize you.

If you are ready and willing, this New Moon has all the ingredients for you to reach enormous levels of abundance and feel more connected than ever to your inner and soul purpose.

You are always creating your future, every second of your day!

So tap into this fiery and fun energy and let your dreams flow into your reality, bigger and brighter than ever before.