Get the New Year Resolution Blues Out of the Way, the New You is Here

With the start of every new year, it’s almost expected that we all suddenly transform into this brand new version of ourselves.

We have all these big ideas and goals that we want to achieve before the first month is over!

It can be overwhelming when you see all those glossy articles and media posts about how everyone has already achieved their resolutions by the first week and now you feel even more overwhelmed by the pressure you can put on us to do the the same

Let’s face it, there is no magic way to achieve our goals – it takes time, dedication, and hard work if we really want to make lasting change!

But there’s no harm in reflecting on what did and didn’t work for us last year and setting some achievable New Year’s goals.

For the vast majority of people, change does not come easily.

It’s all well and good to have the desire to change and set meaningful goals but implementing those changes requires a great will to overcome unconscious and entrenched ways of being.

I’ve talked before about how our minds develop thought patterns because of our upbringing and familiar ways of being.

Breaking out of those old patterns doesn’t just happen because it’s January and you wrote them on your resolution list.

It takes a certain amount of effort and direct energy ⚡️ to make this happen.

The best way to beat the New Year’s resolution blues is to shift your focus from trying and striving to make something happen, to learning how to make actual lasting change.

This means integrating your goals into your life in a lasting way — introducing positive daily habits and routines that keep you aligned with your goals.

I think we can break down the best way to achieve the goals in the following ways:

Accept Where You Are Now

This is an important first step as it will set you up for the right expectations.

Get very clear about what you intend to change and who you are at this moment in relation to where you want to be.

You can journal about where you are right now and where you would ideally like to go.

From a calm, confident, and connected place you will then be able to make goals that you can actually achieve, goals that bring you into alignment.

Frame Your Goals Right

The way we decide on our goals in our head is very important.

The words you use and the way you focus on your wishes need to be positive.

For example, if you want to stop spending so much time on social media or web surfing, don’t stay away from them completely.

Instead, just limit the time you spend on social media, for example, saying “spend ten minutes a day on Facebook” is much easier to manage than the phrase “no more Facebook ever.”

You can apply this to almost anything.

Positively worded resolutions that focus on achieving something are much more beneficial.

Start Small and Practice Regularly

This is essential when making goals that will stick.

Don’t make big grandiose plans for change that you can’t realistically achieve.

Choose small, sustainable and realistic goals that you can see visible proof of working towards every day.

Regular and consistent practice is also imperative.

So, for example, if one of your goals is to get better at something, carve out just ten minutes a day to do that activity.

If your goal is to be happier, make it more specific.

Decide to do one thing a day that makes you happy, or repeat one positive affirmation a day that lifts your spirits.

Measure Progress

Take time to celebrate the small victories as you go along.

Breaking down your progress regularly, say weekly or even daily can help you feel motivated and inspired to keep going.

Start by making a list of your priorities and schedule your time effectively.

This means making appointments on your calendar to make sure you’re meeting your goals, even if it’s practicing yoga or making a healthy smoothie.

Treat your goals and your life like the precious things they are and find satisfaction in highlighting your achievements.

Share Your Goals

Holding yourself accountable to your new resolutions is a good idea because you’re more likely to stick to them when they’re made public. This takes courage!

You can let your friends or family know what you plan to do and even check in with them with updates on your progress.

You can even write a letter to yourself with a list of your intentions and send it to yourself.

Pin it up where you can see it. This is a great motivator and will strengthen your self-discipline.

Appreciate What You Have Already Accomplished

Motivate yourself to make changes by appreciating what you already have and have accomplished.

A sense of gratitude for things in your life, people, experiences, jobs, and material things as well as emotional experiences and the ways in which you have grown.

When you take that extra effort to appreciate your life, it fosters and creates confidence and faith in your abilities, excellent qualities to help you stick with new things as you continue your journey.

Be Resilient

Finally, be patient and loving with yourself as you tackle your goals and bring change into your life.

Allow yourself to skip a day of exercise if necessary without scaring yourself.

These are temporary setbacks and you can remind yourself of what you have achieved, knowing that you can perform the next day.

Small failures don’t have to overwhelm your larger intentions.

Being successful comes from feeling empowered and committed to your life, whatever it looks like at the moment.

Do Regular Meditation

I think this is the most important of all the steps in creating lasting change.

Whether you choose to watch during meditation, meditate in silence or practice any type of sound healing or chanting – all meditation is about connecting with your true self, and source.

When you do this you are creating a connection between yourself and the universe.

You create an understanding of who you are at a deep level that makes it much harder to be self-judgmental or critical of your progress.

Instead, you experience self-love and patience.

Remember that joy is truly in the journey.

It’s not about reaching some mythical end place, it’s about living every moment along the way.

There is really no such thing as tomorrow because when it arrives it is the present, today.

If you can truly embrace this concept, you will understand that changing your life is about valuing your life.

Positivity and sticking to goals is about small changes, small steps, and consistency.

Ready for 2023?