Heal Your Pets Through a Calming Reiki Session

Like humans, our pets also have souls. It is said that their soul is their energy, therefore, it transmits vibrations that their physical bodies emit. ⚡️

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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 67

And like our energies, they too can feel a little unbalanced.

It’s hard enough for them that they can’t speak our language and can only communicate through their bodies. As pet owners, you need to be in tune with your pets energies to make sure they are well and getting the healing they need when they are not feeling like themselves.

One of the things you can do is to do some Reiki healing. I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

But for those of you who haven’t, I’ll take you through the basics.


Reiki is a Japanese healing practice. It is when a person passes healing and positive energy to others. It is quite similar to saying a prayer for someone but this Reiki is more flexible. In Reiki, you are more focused on sending that positive energy instead of saying a prayer. 🙏🏻

On the other hand, some practitioners do their Reiki healing with mantras. So, you can either inject words or not into your Reiki healing. Whatever works best!

Reiki for Pets

Reiki sessions for pets are especially calming for anxious pets. Now, here are some guidelines to follow before doing a Reiki session on your pet. 🐶🐱

  1. Watch out for Changes
  2. Before doing a Reiki session, you must first identify the changes in your pet’s behavior or habits. How is their appetite? Are they eating? Do they lick themselves more often? These things will help you determine if you are not feeling well or not.

  3. Have an understanding of the healing Process
  4. You must understand and always remember that you are only a tool in the healing process. This means that the healing energy you have will vary depending on the pet and the condition of the pet. All animals are different.

  5. Always Ask for Protection
  6. Before doing any kind of spiritual healing, it is very important to first seek protection from the angels. Ask the angels to protect you and your pet before doing the Reiki session. 👼🏼

  7. Consider the size of your pet
  8. There are various Reiki healing methods and amounts of energy you can use for pets. Since all pets are different, you must consider the size of your pet to adjust your healing method and the amount of energy you will spend on them.

    For example, if you have small pets like birds 🦜, hamsters 🐹, etc. it will be good to do the healing by hand only with the cup that moves around your pet’s body and you don’t have to move. a lot of energy on them because of their size.

    On the other hand, for larger pets 🐎, the healing session will require more effort. In this case, you need to have more energy and use more positions to fully heal your pet.

The Reiki Healing Process for Pets

Now that you know the guidelines, it’s time to start your Reiki session with your pet.

  1. Set a time for the Reiki session and make sure you have a safe and quiet place to do the healing.
  2. Sit and gently pet your dog.
  3. Take a deep breath and visualize your healing energy coming out of your palms.
  4. Place your hand on your pet and visualize healing light and energy radiating into your pet.
  5. Send positive energies to certain areas for a few minutes.

Animal Reiki can last 10 minutes to an hour. It’s really up to you and of course, how much healing your pet needs.

Think of it also as a meditation on your end!

Benefits of Reiki for Pets

The powerful healing energy of Reiki can bring many benefits to pets and their owners.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Relives anxiety and stress
  • Increases energy levels and general well-being
  • It helps relieve aches and pains
  • It helps pets overcome depression
  • Aids in healing after injury, trauma, or surgery

Pets & Their Healing Powers

In addition to humans healing their pets, did you know that pets can also do the same thing to humans? Of course, they will not be able to perform a Reiki session but they can do it in their own ways.

For example, cats 🐱 can help remove negative energy in our body. How?

They do this when we are asleep — that’s when they absorb those negative vibes. And you know what’s better? Cats can absorb an excessive amount of negativity even from several people.

You may ask, does your cat turn into a negative pet with all these bad vibes that it absorbed? No.

Your cat releases that negativity when it is asleep. Cats are also protectors against evil spirits so they love to sleep on your beds!

Pretty amazing, huh?

Well, if you don’t have cats at home and a stray cat comes, that’s because the cat chooses your home to protect you!

Now, are you ready for a Reiki session with your pets? Give it a shot and you’ll love the experience.

If it is your first time doing this, you and your pet may find it a bit strange at first and it is very likely that your pet will probably move a lot. But give it time, you and your pet will take care of it soon enough and it will form a bond between the two of you!

Also, keep in mind that just because you don’t notice obvious changes in your pet after a Reiki session doesn’t mean it didn’t work. Reiki works in the background even when you are not in session with your pet.

Eventually, you will notice the changes.

Also, it’s fun to do because you can never go wrong with relaxing and bonding with your pet through a Reiki session. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♂️