Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude With Crystals

Did you know that crystals can be used as a tool to enhance your gratitude practice?

Personally, I have found that crystals have really helped to strengthen my intentions to cultivate and grow gratitude and appreciation simply through their wonderful healing properties and to have them close to me, or worn as jewelry, kept in my pocket or placed in my house.

I have my favorites to have around when I’m meditating or writing my gratitude lists.

I find them soothing and uplifting to look at in my home, early in the morning after meditating and giving thanks for the day ahead, I like to set some intentions and sit quietly with that first cup of coffee or tea and drink the – positive energies of my crystals.

I have them placed along the sunny window next to my plants and candles and the overall effect is one that brings me great tranquility and joy.

I also love creating crystal grids, which I recommend doing if you have a few different crystals. It’s such a beautiful way to channel their energies and it’s also beautiful to look at. You can do this anywhere in your home or outside.

Crystals can really help to awaken an attitude of gratitude, open your heart to love, and help you let go of any negativity or heaviness that gets in the way of finding that high vibration that soars.

The benefits of gratitude are many when you take time to list the things you really feel grateful for, you experience more positive emotions, greater happiness, and are able to express greater compassion, kindness, sleep better, have more energy and in turn its, all of that high energy that flies supports your immune system!

Remember, it is not about waiting for some momentous occasion to feel gratitude; the idea is to find reasons to be grateful every day and learn to appreciate the little moments that make up the bigger events.

I promise that once you get the hang of it, you can really feel as happy about a sunny walk in the park with your best friend as you can about learning that you closed the deal on your house!

This may sound strange, but honestly once you know that you can reach that frequency of gratitude easily, you will understand that you don’t have to wait to experience an external event to create that feeling, that feeling or the emotion is created in you!

When you experience gratitude you are experiencing a manifestation of love, joy and spirituality.

Here are some of my favorite crystals and stones that I use to support gratitude and appreciation in my life:

Rose Quartz

The classic love crystal, beautiful pink rose quartz is one of my absolute favorite crystals. It’s beautiful, the nurturing energies promote unconditional love and encourage your heart chakra to open wide.

You can use it to release any heaviness in your heart and let go of your old emotional baggage or anything that weighs you down and makes it difficult for you to forgive.

Rose quartz purifies and comforts, offers a soft and gentle vibration and encourages self-confidence and self-esteem. I recommend it to open your heart to see where you can find appreciation and love for the things already in your life.


This light blue crystal has a high vibration and is known for its peaceful energy and connection with the Archangel Michael.

Use it to remove unwanted energies from your life and to boost a feeling of connection, oneness and increase your awareness of your ego consciousness. I have used it to ground myself during meditation, and to help me tune out my inner voice and listen to my soul’s whispers.

I like to hold it in the palm of my hand when I’m thinking of the things I’m grateful for, I feel it helps me see the good in all situations.


Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude With crystals

This is one of the happiest crystals to have in your home! It brings positive, upbeat and sunny energy with its yellow and orange color evoking the sun’s rays and can burn through any negativity around you.

I use it for my gratitude practice to strengthen my feelings of appreciation for the abundance in my life and to attract more and more. It’s a great stone to have around when you’re feeling low or lacking faith, literally just picking it up can make me feel positive again and remind me to count the blessings I have in my life.

Green aventurine

I have this crystal in the form of an angel and I love its harmonizing and protecting energies. It is the perfect crystal to have around when you want to empower your gratitude practice with feelings of prosperity, growth, love and abundance. Green aventurine can enhance the success of your appreciation practice, help you focus on the positive and turn your attention towards more happiness and prosperity.

Having crystals around can also act as a tangible reminder to help you stick to your gratitude practice. They act like a prompt, a representation of gratitude in the form of a stone that you can touch, hold and meditate with.

Remember that no matter what the day is, there is always something to be thankful for!