How to Connect to the Creative Energy of Gemini Season

Gemini season has arrived which brings with it a playful and creative energy.

From May 21 to June 20 we will all experience the benefits of Gemini energy, regardless of our zodiac sign.

Gemini is an Air sign, and is the last sign of Spring.

This means it’s time to open yourself up to a more social and communicative energy.

During the month that the Sun was in the Earth sign Taurus, we may have felt more inward, affected by the more grounded forces of Taurus, and more focused on domestic matters.

Gemini, however, encourages self-expression, communication, and strong creativity.

During Taurus season, our lower chakras were more activated, but as we enter Gemini, our energy flows upward to our higher chakras.

Gemini season is an excellent time for strong expression, socializing with others, and paying close attention to the way we listen, talk, and share stories with others.

Gemini is represented by the twins, one of whom is immortal and the other mortal.

On a deeper level, this shows us our own need to explore both our human and soul sides.

To always lead from our soul’s purpose and to ensure that both sides of ourselves are nurtured and given expression.

Here are some ways you can harness this Gemini energy and use it to boost whatever you are currently focused on in your life, career or relationships.

As always, I also include some health and wellness tips that will really enhance this cosmic season and support you in all your endeavors.

Think Outside the Box Creatively

Gemini energy is so supportive of taking creative risks and doing something a little unusual.

As an air sign, Gemini energy is full of inspired ideas and radical thoughts that you can easily capture if your mind is open and clear.

Consider taking time this month to return to abandoned creative projects, or start new ones.

Join a painting class or pottery group.

Switch up your routine and add some journaling to your mornings instead of your evenings.

Do what speaks to you most, but follow any intuitive nudges that come from the Universe during this time.

Be a Social Butterfly

If you usually turn down social invitations, this month is the time to start saying yes.

Of course, keep your boundaries and never do anything you don’t want to do.

But Gemini encourages serendipitous encounters, fun social outings, and adventures, especially with like-minded souls who share our interests.

If you’re on the fence about an activity, push yourself to say yes and see what the Universe has in store for you!

Express yourself clearly and confidently

Gemini is all about communication and expression.

Find ways to activate your throat chakra by singing or talking out loud.

If you’re shy, just do it in the privacy of your home, or your shower!

Don’t feel crazy, singing to yourself is an amazing way to activate the energy of authentic expression.

Speaking out loud and practicing how to communicate with others is also a valuable way to spend time this month.

Stretch It Out

Be sure to make time for some good physical exercise to release any built up Gemini energy.

Yoga asanas are perfect as they build strength in your upper body (Gemini rules the arms, chest, and heart chakra area).

Any exercises that help you to sculpt muscles will also be perfect during this time, think barre or ballet, or weights.

Going out for a walk in nature every day will also bring the perfect balance of light exercise and meditative contemplation (perfect for calming an overactive Gemini mind).

Crystals, Essential Oils, and Flower Essences

Using all of the above for healing and meditative practices is essential during any cosmic season.

Crystals, essential oils and flower essences offer a calming and supportive boost to your focus and can help influence how you choose to use your energy throughout the day.

Crystals for Gemini include Turquoise, Amazonite, and Aquamarine for clearing and balancing your Throat Chakra for self-expression and communication.

If you’re feeling the need to come down to earth a little, try Hematite, Amethyst, or Selenite to calm yourself and find relief from all that airy cerebral energy.

Essential Oils for Gemini include Peppermint, Lemon, Orange, and Rosemary.

Try them in a diffuser or make your room spray using a few drops of each oil mixed with water.

Flower Essences – Bach Flower Essences they are a wonderful healing tool for a variety of mental or physical ailments.

Clematis is the flower of May, a perfect remedy to calm an overstimulated mind and bring you into the present moment so you can fully appreciate the now.

Finally, be sure to take time to check in with your soul’s purpose and passion during this month.

What really turns you on? Are you taking the time to include things in your life that bring you and your soul joy?

Make sure you find time to play, explore, rest, and have fun with your local community or friendship group.

Connecting with others around you can enrich your life and make you feel positive about who you are and your role in this world.

Above all remember to believe in yourself and honor your unique expression as a soul here on Earth at this time.

Happy Gemini season!