Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Am I on the Path to Abundance or Not at All?

Let me give you two scenarios, and then after the reading, I have a very important question to ask.

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Scenario 1:

Lisa found herself sitting in a crowded cafe, her eyes scanning the sea of ​​people in front of her.

She felt tired and drained like she was fighting an uphill battle against something she had been pulling towards for years.

She has taken up a lot of space in her life which is all she can think about.

Every decision is laced with guilt and shame because of what happened to get here.

The past is holding onto Lisa tightly – she refuses to let go even when she wants nothing more than to free herself from her grip so she can live again.

She starts to feel like she’s suffocating as emotions and memories flood her mind, drowning out all other thoughts until there are none left but those that plague Lisa every day.

They tell stories of the past, and never let the future see the light of day.

No matter what Lisa does, meditation, or visualization – she just can’t seem to move forward to the life she deserves.

Scenario 2:

Lisa didn’t know when she started feeling this way.

She felt that her past was controlling every move she made.

For a long time, Lisa’s life was all about trauma, pain, and fear, which she was reminded of at every turn.

But today, something has changed.

Today is the day that Lisa will end the cycle once and for all.

She woke up early in the morning to take a walk around town before meeting her friends for breakfast — something to break the cycle.

It worked!

Walking down Triq il-Kbira, seeing people getting ready for their day earlier like every Monday morning, she felt that finally, she could be free.

All she had to do was face her fears, acknowledge them, and let them go so she can finally live the life of her dreams.

The Moment Of Truth

In these scenarios, which version of Lisa are you? Are you the type to continue to hold on to the past and let it control your life?

No hope of manifesting your dreams and desires because you allow yourself to be held back.

Or are you the type who knows when enough is enough? The type who can and will let it all go?

You see, in order to heal and manifest what you want, it doesn’t mean you have to hold on to the past, and constantly relive the details over and over again.

You are feeding your negative emotions by doing so.

This is the one common mistake people make when it comes to manifesting: They dwell on the problem.

Problems are meant to be solved.

If you want start manifesting the life you deserve and walk the path of abundance, so hiring is the key.

Take it to the Universe. Everything. Both the good and the bad.

Walk the path to abundance because it’s time to stop living life like scenario 1.

The question is… Are you willing to do it?