How To Work With the Energy of the Super Flower Moon

On May 7th we welcome the third and last Super Full Moon of the year under the sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio Full Moon is called a Flower Moon because it coincides with the blooming of spring flowers.

Each time a full moon comes, it marks the culmination of the monthly lunar cycle.
That is why it is an ideal time to release something toxic in your life. Think of each full moon as a giant white light shining on anything toxic you’ve been holding on to that no longer serves your best interests.

Remember that full moons are associated with endings, transformation, detoxification and cleansing. They are full of intense emotional energy.

When you observe the lunar cycles, you improve your chances of successfully manifesting your desires. This is because the moon is a cosmic helping hand that boosts your vibrational output and helps you focus more clearly on what you desire.

The phases of the moon are constant in the Universe, all you have to do is harness its power and time your meditations and rituals of manifestation with the waxing and waning of the moon for the better results.

The super full moon in Scorpio intensifies these energies even more.

The Scorpio Full Moon Energy
Scorpio is an intense water sign that is all about emotions. That said, the full moon can make us more emotional, sensitive, and prone to quick flashes of anger or irritation.

The Scorpio full moon gives us the opportunity to start a transformation in our lives. Simply by making new choices and thinking differently, we can start a new phase of our lives. We can change old patterns and we can release what we don’t want to hold on to, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I think this is such uplifting and exciting news at this time! It’s always possible to start over, no matter what.

Scorpio energy is also deeply intuitive, psychic and protective. Now is a good time to meditate and turn on our intuition. Ask yourself how you want to continue the next phase of your life and what needs to be released.
During this full moon week, you may experience some intense “aha” moments as Scorpio energy sheds light on things that may be hidden.

Use the energy of this full moon to say goodbye to the old and get ready for what’s fresh and new to enter your life.

How to use the Energy of this Scorpio Full Moon this week:

It is best done between May 5th – May 18th

Creative Writing

How to Work With Super Flower Moon Energy

I am a big believer in journaling your thoughts. In my experience, no matter how much you think you understand yourself, nothing beats getting those thoughts down on paper.

So during this full moon, take some time to write down the things you wish to release. Write for as long as you want and as long as you want, get it all out, I promise, you will feel lighter afterwards.

Consider the following instructions to help you if you feel stuck.

Be honest about what you’ve been pushing mentally.

  • What aspects of yourself have been overlooked lately?
  • What needs your attention? Is it your exercise routine? Your relationships? Your authentic career?
  • What can you do to love yourself more?
  • What things remain unhealed from your past?
  • How can you show up for yourself more?
  • If you could name your hidden fears, what would they be?


During the full moon, committing to a regular meditation practice can help you feel more grounded, connected, and in tune with your inner self.

I recommend that you spend just a few minutes each day this week in silent meditation. Try to listen to something that comes from within during this time. Any words, thoughts, instincts or feelings that you may want to act on or bring forward for release.

Clean up your Space

Hygiene and hand washing are just as important as cleansing your aura. Now is a wonderful time to declutter, spring clean, and burn space-clearing tools like palo santo and sage, or use some essential oils to refresh your living space.

Feel your Feelings

How to Work With Super Flower Moon Energy

This is a hard one for some people! It’s tempting to push away the negativity and replace it with positivity, which sounds great, but it’s not always the way to heal completely. The thing is, the more you allow yourself to feel what you do without judgment, the better you will be able to accept them and heal.

The energy of the Scorpio moon is about our emotions, feelings and thoughts being drawn in and out of us. If you allow this process to happen gracefully, it will be much easier to enter a new phase of positivity. Accommodating and resisting our own feelings only prolongs their power. So let your feelings be felt, sit with them, understand them and then let them pass. And when they do you feel stronger, more empowered, and ready to take on the world.

On the night of the Full Moon, allow yourself to find peace and beauty in endings and transformation and make room for new beginnings.

Light a candle, read your journal notes, and do whatever feels good to you. Dance, sing, meditate, take a bath, do anything that helps you mark the occasion of release, and make room for the new. At the next new moon, you can focus on your manifestations and have made room for them by releasing what you no longer need at this Scorpio full moon.