Achieve Peace With This Fear-Busting Ritual

This is a strange time, and it’s normal to feel some sadness and frustration about being denied things we love – being outside, embracing our family, meeting friends at a bar or restaurant.

Feeling sad is totally normal right now. Fear is a temporary feeling. But if we keep fear for too long, it can be harmful to us. Not only does it weaken our immune system but it can also lower our vibrational frequency.

I believe that action in each present moment to conquer fear is a possibility. We all have the ability to change our stories whenever we choose. It is possible to remove fear by simply bringing ourselves to the present moment.

Meditation is, of course, an excellent way to gain a sense of present moment awareness, but you can also do small mindful things every day to become fully present.

Bring your awareness to your present moment. Feel your feet on the floor, take a deep breath, and just notice what’s around you, every sound, every movement, every detail.

This is a great practice to engage in when fear enters your mind.

I have created my own ritual that removes fear during this quarantine and I want to share it with you.

First, I use an essential oil to remove negative energies, then I burn the oil in a diffuser or sprinkle some drops on myself. I repeat my favorite fear-busting affirmations and sit in the present moment until I feel ready to start the day without fear.

Let me take you through my ritual step by step.

STEP ONE: Choose from the following essential oils

Find Peace With This Awe-inspiring Ritual

  • Lavender: Soothing and calming, it helps remove any negativity from your space.
  • Rose: A very high vibrational frequency oil to enhance your mood.
  • Frankincense: A purifying oil to dissolve negative influences from your physical body, space and aura.
  • Sage: An oil that neutralizes existing negativity and can act as a protective shield against fear and anxiety.
  • Peppermint: Clears and clears tension and negativity while relaxing you and increasing concentration and mental focus.
  • Cedarwood: Strengthens your inner strength and spirituality, helping to ward off negative energies.
  • Myrrh: It can purify your environment and when mixed with other essential oils, it can increase their power.

STEP TWO: Then, choose from these affirmations, or create your own

Affirmations that dispel fear:

  1. Today is a new day and I am not afraid.
  2. My fear is not real.
  3. When I am fully present, my fear disappears.
  4. When I am fully engaged in every task, there is no fear.
  5. I am not afraid of the future.
  6. I am not bound by imaginary fear.
  7. I refuse to be controlled by imaginary fear.
  8. I see so much beauty in the world.
  9. I feel positive thoughts most of the time.
  10. Wonderful things are happening in my life.
  11. I am so grateful for my abundance.
  12. I am full of positive energy and light.
  13. Today I have no fear.
  14. I am writing a new story without fear.
  15. I trust in myself and I have faith
  16. I connect with my soul and never fear.
  17. STEP THREE: Now, With your chosen essential oil, and your list of affirmations, sit somewhere quiet and peaceful.

    Find Peace With This Awe-inspiring Ritual

  • Repeat your affirmations slowly to yourself, five times each.
  • Sit quietly for several minutes and feel the power of each affirmation.

The energy of your positive words and the strong aromas of essential oil are powerful ways to start the day.

I do this every morning and it helps me feel grounded and stay connected throughout the day.

This ritual will make you feel energized and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

Fear is not yours to hold, so let it go. Set her free. Don’t let it rule your life. Fear doesn’t have to come anywhere near you or your life if you don’t want it to.