Intention Manifestation: 3 Steps to Your Dream Reality

Have you ever been part of a conversation that didn’t quite come out right?

You know, the ones where you feel like there’s a disconnect –

like you’re not quite on the same wavelength as the other person?

Well, the same can be said about the manifestation.

If it is not working for you, it may be because there is a misalignment between your desires and your intentions.

It’s easy to get caught up in what you think you want, but without the right energy to fuel those desires, they can only remain wishes on a shooting star.

That’s why it’s time to bring in the intention.

It’s time to invest emotionally in your desires and put that energy out there for the universe to receive.

Think of it like turning the volume on your radio station –

suddenly the signal becomes clearer and all the static disappears

It’s time to make your signal loud and clear and watch the manifestation begin to work in your favor.

See how.

  1. Create Crystal clear Desires

When it comes to manifesting your desire, the first step is to write about what you want.

There are probably a lot of things going through your mind, and you can’t find what you want to manifest first.

The key is to determine what stands out the most.

What is that one wish you’ve dreamed about, the one that keeps your mind awake at night?

That’s the one.

Write this desire in your manifestation journal and reflect on it.

Get clear about it by writing down the details, and adding a description.

Be as specific as you can so that you can print it fully.

This process will help you focus on it when you visualize it.

  1. answer the Why After the Desire

After finding out the desire that stands out the most, now it’s time to answer the most important question, and that’s why.

Why do you want to manifest this specific desire above all else?

Take time to think about it. Be honest with yourself.

Through this, you will find out the energy support what you want.

Remember that the law of attraction works through your energy.

What you give to the Universe is what you will get.

As you write the answer to the why behind your desire, underline the words that talk about emotions.

Afterwards, assess whether you have more positive than negative words, if you do this, then you are likely to manifest what you want in no time.

  1. Let the Universe Know Your Intention

Now you are all set to declare your intention.

What you will do in this step is read aloud what you wrote in step 2 and surrender your intentions to the Universe.

Do this during your meditation time.

Sit comfortably and read every word with emotion.

Let the Universe know that you are ready to manifest.

Now that you know what you want clearly, there is no stopping you from turning it into reality.

Have faith in your powers as manifest and believe in the Divine.

If you have been wondering when you should take a leap of faith, now is the time.

Let go of control. No more what-ifs or buts. What will be, will be.

Happy manifestation!