Learn the Language Of Your Body With Meditation

You know that feeling you get when you’re happy? You feel light, relaxed, and full of energy. How about the feeling when you are unhappy or stressed? You can feel it in your gut or heart, feeling tension in your body.

These sensations are your body’s way of drawing your attention to feel the physical impact of any challenges in life being thrown at you, and responding with a deep inner feeling of wholeness and resilience.

An inner well-being that can only be achieved through a conscious awareness of yourself. One of the best ways to access this is through a kind of body sensing meditation style.

Practicing body sensing meditation in which you scan and tune into your physical body can teach you its unique language and help you translate that into a language your mind understands.

Body Sensing

In general, we pay much more attention to what is happening in our thinking minds than in our feeling bodies. With meditation, you can cultivate awareness to support a coherent body and mind.

We should not treat our body and mind as two separate entities. We are one man. Radiant strength, deep personal wisdom, and the ability to act with integrity come together when these two parts of yourself are working in harmony.

This type of scanning meditation is also called embodiment meditation. It simply involves the practice of body sensing, scanning, becoming aware of and responding to the small and subtle cues your body sends you about health, thoughts, feelings, emotions and well-being. before they get bigger and more dramatic, and potentially more. health threat.

How often do you really feel what is happening in your body on a cellular basis?
Do you ever really focus on how your knees really feel, for example?
Or you just find out one day when they suddenly cause you pain?

This is an invaluable practice to master. It’s a way to tune into your body and understand those little messages before they become uncomfortable. When you are truly in tune with your physical body, you will be able to detect tightness, discomfort, stress symptoms, or irritation in the early stages before they potentially worsen into disease, hypertension, fatigue, ulcers in the stomach, whatever it may be.

This type of meditation also helps to develop a deep presence in the moment. It is grounding and opens you up to become more receptive, directly present, communicative, and aware.

Most of the time stress, fear, and anxiety come from a lack of presence and a tendency to be stuck in unprocessed thoughts and emotions. When we live in fear of the past or the unknown future, we tend to operate from stress.

When we are grounded and present, we have the clarity to see beyond that fear. Our higher consciousness flows through the body and can overcome the fear principles that would otherwise be responsible.

Regular meditation in the body calms your nervous system and guides you to deep relaxation on a mental, physical and emotional level. You can tune into physical sensations and inform yourself about what is really happening in your body, changing your behaviors, thoughts and approaches to life accordingly.

How to practice embodiment meditation?

There are many different methods of this type of experience. This is a quick example of how to check in with your feet right now, using this feeling and embodiment approach.

Feel Your Feet

You closed your eyes.

Think of yourself as a field of energy, stretching in all directions through space and time.

Learn your body language with meditation

Bring your attention to your left foot. Notice the sensations present there. Don’t think and analyze them, just sense. Welcome all the sensations of calm, tension, heat, cold, tingling, tingling, pulsation, loose. Sense how your foot is an energy field. Sense how far this energy can extend.

Now feel your right leg. Notice the sensations in the same way. What can you feel? Can you feel the presence of your foot as radiant energy?

Now be aware of your presence within your feet. Can you feel yourself inside them? A sense of your life and energy. Sense your feet as two sources of energy that spread out into space as far as you can imagine. Stay with that feeling for a while. It will feel like a deep awareness, a sense of who you are on deep levels.

Feel this radiant presence yourself as you sit in meditation a little longer.

You can extend this practice to include all parts of your body, or simply go down and check the sensations anywhere you feel the inclination.

When done on a regular basis, you will strengthen your ability to deal with stress, increase your natural resilience, and learn how to experience true health and wholeness.

Becoming more in tune with your body language will help you feel more grounded, present and will even affect your relationships with others in a positive way.