Let Wealth Flow in Your Life with the Six Star Wealth Obsidian Pendant

What if the life you imagined wasn’t the one life planned for you?

You see, even from a very young age, Samantha was a planner. He loved everything neat and always had a checklist.

She knew what she wanted from life, and she was ready to get it.

Being a person with a type A personality, Samantha was very organized and had a lot of ambition.

She even had it all planned out: From getting into a great school, an excellent college, landing a fantastic graduate program, getting a killer job, saving tons of money, owning your own home, getting married, and having kids.

You’d think the reward for having all of these planned out would be a life that ends happily ever after.

Can you guess if her checklist ended up the way she thought it would?

Well, some already happened, but it didn’t end happily ever after.

It ended in despair. She couldn’t believe it.

How could her life that was well planned from the beginning fall apart with just a piece of paper?

The moment she read that her divorce was finalized, it was like someone threw a bucket of ice water over her.

It was a giant wake-up call, and she has to learn to accept it.

Because of her denial, Samantha realized that everything fell apart.

It’s like she left herself. She forgot her bills, the due dates, the house, everything!

And the bills piled up – more than she could handle on her own. And her killer job wasn’t enough to pay for it all.

“Why did it have to be like that?” Samantha said out loud as she looked at the almost empty house. It looked… well… dull.

Her ex-husband took all the things that gave him life. Samantha was left with debt, bills, and a house in need of repair.

She looked at the stack of bills in front of her: loans, credit card payments, electricity and water bills, and phone bills.

Oh, and the big fee for her divorce lawyer.

She put both her hands on her face and let out a sigh.

There is no way you can pay for this. There is no way you can be back on track, on how it used to be.

That’s when she decided to think about selling the house.

Samantha was losing hope. In just one month, her debt doubled.

She has to borrow from her friends and family to pay for the bills that kept coming. She was losing weight with stress and worry.

But she didn’t know how to move forward with her life.

One day, she decided to take a walk and let her skin be kissed by the sun.

During her walk, she kept thinking about ways to get money. A second job seemed like a good idea, but her body was too tired for her.

As a woman in her late 40s, she knew she could do better, but her mind was troubled.

“Oops sorry.” Samantha yelled as she hit a man.

“No worries, ma’am. Please take a flyer.” The kind man handed her a flyer of a woman who looked very confident with her arms crossed — a real estate agent.

Realtor! Maybe I can try to talk to someone about my plans. Her mind rejoiced.

That’s it; I may have a realtor sell my house.

As Samantha ran home, she had hope.

She picked up her phone and immediately called the number on the flyer but just before pressing call, she noticed the quote at the bottom of the flyer.

“There’s nothing for you to go back and dwell on, or fix, or feel regret about now. Every part of your life is well developed.” — Abraham Hicks

Not folded huh?she thought.

When Luck Knocks…

Samantha was the first to arrive at the coffee shop that she and the realtor agreed to meet at.

“Hi Samantha, I’m Jemma. Nice to meet you.” Jemma held out her hand.

Samantha shook it and felt a positive vibe from it.

They continued to talk about Samantha’s decision to put her house up for sale.

She mentioned that she needed that money because she could continue to pay the mortgage and pay the bills herself since her divorce.

Jemma doesn’t press anymore.

After their coffee session, Samantha sensed that there was something great about their conversation. The realtor was charismatic, warm, and had a good aura.

So she decided to proceed with their next appointment. The Home Tour.

“It’s a really nice house. I know it needs some repairs here and there, but I can’t imagine leaving such a beautiful house.” Jemma said sadly.

“If I may ask, what happened?”

“I love this house. Don’t get me wrong. Well, we loved this house, but my ex-husband doesn’t love me, I think.”

“I used to write, but eventually, I felt like I was running out of creative juices, and I could have run out of people I love. So he left. Tired of me, you know.”

A hard look came over Samantha’s face.

“Hmmm. Why not test the waters? See how it turns out. Here, you can have it.” Jemma placed the six star obsidian pendant on Samantha’s hand.

“It turned my life around, and it definitely showed its purpose. I bought this from a well known spiritual advisor. Wear it anytime. And if in a month, you’re still sure you want to sell the house, then let’s do it!.”

“But what does this pendant have to do with my debt and bills?”

“Trust me. Now, I have to go. See you in a month, Samantha!” And just like that, Jemma left.

“What a weird realtor,” Samantha whispered to herself.

Opens a Door to Wealth

Samantha followed Jemma’s advice and continued to wear the pendant, wherever she went. During her work shift, errands, home – everywhere.

Somehow, she noticed that at night she had the desire to write. And she did. It became her routine.

After work and cleaning the house, she would write before going to bed.

Her creativity kept flowing, almost like she never lost it in the first place.

Samantha was on fire!

Three weeks passed, and while she was browsing her emails, she received an email about her credit card. The bank was giving her two months to pay her dues.

Samantha could only stare at her laptop screen. This was undoubtedly strange because she never asked for an extension or anything.

Another email was from a close friend of hers, a publisher, who asked her if there had been any progress in her passion.

Of course, she did! Samantha decided to post a few chapters and hope for the best.

The next day, a friend replied, saying that her company wanted the book published under them, and they were willing to pay in advance just to secure the book.

Samantha couldn’t believe it.

The money being offered for her ongoing project was more than enough for her debt, home repair, and bills.

She could only touch the pendant that rested on her neck. So beautiful and powerful, she thought.

Samantha researched the pendant and found that the six star obsidian stone is known for its ability to boost personal wealth and amplify one’s manifestation process.

That was exactly what was happening to her!

Her mind was free of doubt or any negative energy.

She was surrounded by clarity and positivity.

And money was coming into her life from incredible sources, saving her from debt.

The Power of the Six-Star Wealth Black Obsidian Pendant

The Black Obsidian stone is a lucky stone known as an aura cleanser.

It removes any negativity that may affect your decision making.

Obsidian is a historical gemstone used as a good luck charm since ancient times.

The Natural Obsidian Pendant is a necklace of six stars that shine from every angle.

Each star formed represents the important aspects of life, such as Family, Love, Career, Wealth, Purpose and Health.

Samantha never knew she was this strong.

Now you know why she has been feeling great these past few weeks.

The beautiful pendant has been guiding her on the path of success, balance and fortune.

Her mind was clear; she wasn’t as stressed anymore, and opportunities came out of nowhere.

The Six-Star Wealth Black Obsidian Pendant will:

  • Amplify your manifestation process
  • Bring wealth into your life
  • Clear your mind of negativities
  • Create opportunities for growth
  • Cleanses your aura

So, what if the life you imagined wasn’t the one life planned for you?

You adapt. You don’t give up. You just keep going.

Who knows, maybe all you need is this Six-Star Wealth Black Obsidian Pendant.

And yes, Samantha did not sell the house. She held it.

So, pick yours up today and start living the life you deserve!