How to Infuse Your Life with

 Magic Every Day

When I was a child, I believed in magic. Intuitively I knew I could connect with animals, trees, and nature. I collected shells, feathers, and beautiful stones and cast spells with them.

I was terrified by the glittering stars I saw in the night sky, and I wrote wishes on pieces of paper and believed they would come true.

I used to love to go and sit by this huge willow tree at my grandparents’ house and just read and write in my notebook. I instantly felt peaceful and calm there, just listening to the wind blowing or the rain falling.

Sometimes I would even try to look for elves and fairies in the flowers and bushes and make up stories about them.

I used to say I could talk to animals, and I used to try to communicate with our family pets in a secret language.

Above all I didn’t think any of this was silly! I believe in magic 100%. My connection with my inner self and my spiritual side was strong.

Were you like this as a child? Don’t you think we lose our connection to the magic that comes so easily in childhood as we grow up?

It’s funny that those things that came so naturally to me as a child have now become my life’s purpose and calling.

It makes sense to me now, of course. But there was a time when I lost it a bit, and it wasn’t until I rediscovered my love and affinity for magic that my life got back on track.

Do you feel like you need to reconnect with the magic in your life?

Would you like to return to that simple, childlike belief in magical things?

It’s easier than you think, and you don’t have to suddenly confess that you believe in mermaids and unicorns!

Infusing your life with magic is about feeling joy, happiness, positivity, and strengthening your intuition.

I’ve created a list of my best ways to keep the magic alive in my life as an adult.

Embrace Rituals

Traditions and rituals are so important to me. I love to honor the lunar cycles, the changing of the seasons, and the specific cosmic energy of the zodiac each month. I love making gratitude lists, wish lists, and things I want to manifest.

In the mornings, my daily journal became a ritual, as did my daily meditation and yoga stretches.

A ritual can literally be anything that is meaningful to you. It could be lighting candles around your bath, listening to an uplifting song and dancing around to change your mood before an important meeting or phone call.

I made a ritual out of creating crystal grids when I want to focus on a specific topic in my life, or in the world. What I mean by this is that I don’t just half-heartedly arrange my crystals a certain way.

I make a ritual out of it, setting intentions, meditating before and after, and making sure the area is clean before I place my crystals.

I have a friend who wants to go outside for a walk right after a heavy rain. She loves the smell of the rain that has fallen on the soil and it has become a ritual for her to get up and outside as soon as possible without getting wet, to breathe in that good air!

That’s her ritual, see how can it really be something that connects you with a powerful moment full of magic for you?

Be Open to Signs

The Universe is always communicating with us, sending us signals in the form of symbols, angel numbers, objects and animals to confirm that we are on the right path.

Next time you see 11.11 or 3..33 on the clock, don’t dismiss it.

Take it for the magical moment that it is – a nudge from the Universe that you are in alignment, and keep believing that there is so much magic around us all the time!

Pay attention to your Dreams

If you remember your dreams when you wake up, try taking notes every morning and observe any recurring patterns or images or situations.

Our dreams are full of magic, signs, symbols, and nudges from our unconscious.

When you learn to hear and understand the language of your dreams, you strengthen your connection with yourself.

Appreciate Everything Around You

Most children, when allowed to be pure children, are naturally inquisitive, playful and full of appreciation for the smallest things.

When I was a kid the definition of a good day involved playing outside with my cousins ​​and friends and going swimming. I didn’t need anything else to be happy!

We live on a miraculous planet. Seriously, sometimes I can’t get over how incredible Mother Nature is.

Look around the next time you’re out and about, wherever you are in the world. Look at the leaves and flowers, really look at their intricate details.

Listen to the birds singing, watch them rise in the wind, and sit in the trees.

Even watching a really good nature or animal documentary can help remind us how fascinating, clever and beautiful the Earth is, and how much there is to explore.

Hang out with Kids and Animals

Spending time with little ones and animals is a surefire way to tap into your inner magic. Children and animals have a natural purity that shines brightly and can seriously catch on!

Children also have such wonderful imaginations and are happy to ask questions, follow their thought processes without limitations and be in the moment.

Check with your Heart and be Still

In the big old rush of everyday life, we forget to be still.

We forget to check with our gut and ask ourselves, “Hey, how are you really feeling? What do you want to do today?”

Believe me, it’s even possible to meditate and actually just sit and go through your to-do list, mentally!

To actually be still and connect with your heart space takes practice and some dedication.

But once you do it regularly, you start to hear the magic inside you again, you start to feel more connected to yourself and to the things that light you up every day.

Give the Love

Finally, doing good things for others is a wonderful way to reignite the magic in your life and the lives of others.

Simple interactions are so powerful, whether it’s paying for a stranger’s coffee, checking in with someone to see how they’re doing, or literally any kind of act of love or compassion you send.

I hope these practices help you find joy, strengthen your connection to your true self, and continue to find magic in your life, no matter what age you are.