Let your Emotions be Your Guide: New Moon in Cancer

We’ve had four weeks of sunshine in social and energetic Gemini and an incredibly powerful Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Now is the time to connect more deeply with our emotions as Cancer Season arrives and with it a New Moon on June 28-29 – the first one after the Solstice.

Cancer Season reminds us of the power of connecting with our inner boss.

To embrace our sensitivity and use it to deepen our intuition and compassion.

The Moon is totally comfortable in its own home sign of Cancer, and we will feel that harmonious energy in our lives as well.

As you probably know by now, every New Moon is about the beginning of a new phase, a new cycle full of fresh energy ready to use to our advantage!

Whenever the moon cycle begins again we experience darkness for the night of the New Moon.

That darkness calls us to feel the connection between us and the enormous and infinite energy field of our Universe.

This is why it is such a powerful time to focus on manifestation.

Those hours of darkness allow us to feel into the future.

To gain awareness of what we are here to achieve, and to see the vision of our lives with greater clarity.

It is as if in that darkness, our subconscious is given greater power, and we are forced to connect with our deepest desires, fears and intuition.

While the New Moon always represents the beginning of a new cycle, depending on the zodiac sign they fall into, there will always be a slightly different energy behind each lunation.

When the New Moon falls in a cardinal sign, such as the emotional and watery Cancer, the power behind making dreams come true is even stronger.

You can use the energy of a New Moon just before, during, and even after its peak, since the power of energy is present in those surrounding days.

New moon themes in Cancer

Emotions and Intuition:

This New Moon in Cancer will accentuate themes around our deepest emotions, more clarity, truth, and sensitivity.

It will open our eyes to deep knowledge, higher truths, and beautiful cosmic downloads and intuitive messages that may come to us in our sleep or meditation.

The energy of this New Moon is about receiving rather than actively doing.

Allow its energy to soften and attune you to receive any visions, intuitive messages, or information that comes to you from the spiritual realm.

Think about how you feel your way through this time, rather than using your mind to think everything through.

Let things flow, like the waves and tides of the ocean, and honor the watery energy of Cancer to show you the way.

Be open to learning something new about yourself, your life, and the life path you are currently on.

One thing about this Cancer New Moon is that it will likely make you feel more sensitive than usual, so be sure to honor any vulnerable feelings or emotions you may have and see them as part of the powerful journey of being human. on this planet.

Home and Family:

This moon will also accentuate the energy of the Home and the family.

You can see this as literally the energy of your house and home, or indeed your own ‘home’ frequency – your vibration, your true frequency.

You can enjoy spending a lot of time in your home during this time, giving a good space to your space, or organizing a dinner for your loved ones.

The energy supports many quiet, calm and connected activities where you get to enjoy the beauty around you and connect yourself with your home base.

You can also spend time doing things that connect you to your true essence – your vibrational frequency that feels most like your natural self.

Take the time to honor your emotions and any feelings you may have been ignoring.

We are often always pushing ourselves forward in society, trying to speed our way to success.

The energy of cancer encourages us to look bravely at where we feel and vulnerable can be beneficial to us, and in fact, in the end it serves to strengthen us rather than weaken us.

Think of the crab with its hard shell – a necessary armor for its inner softness.

You can use this New Moon to update your approach to life, write some new intentions and focus on manifesting what you really want to see in your reality.

Take the time to make a gratitude list of everything you love and appreciate right now.

When thinking about setting your intentions and goals, consider how connecting with your emotional side can help you accomplish these.

Our emotions are always our guiding force.

We can use them to determine where we are on the vibrational scale, and therefore how close or far we are from attracting what we want into our lives.

Remember – everything that is happening in your external world is a reflection of your inner world.

Your emotions can often show you where you are in terms of aligning with a certain desire you have.

When you feel happy, excited, happy, and grateful about something – you are vibrating on a high energetic frequency.

When you feel worried, anxious, negative, or afraid – you are vibrating on a lower and denser frequency.

Use the New Moon in Cancer to guide you in feeling your emotions, and let the heavier ones dissolve and dissipate by letting them rise and fall.

This will help you move forward much faster in the vision of the future you have for yourself.