Manifest with Ease: How to Use the Waning Moon to Let Go of Resistance and Allow Abundance

Many people overlook the importance of releasing resistance when manifesting their desires.

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49+ Manifestation Quotes

Resistance can take many forms, such as negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and doubts, and can interfere with the manifestation process.

It is essential to recognize and release these blocks to create space for what we really want to enter our lives.

As the moon transitions from its fullness to its waning phase, it is an opportune time to release resistance and clear the way for better manifestation.

The waning moon is a time to let go, let go, and release all that no longer serves us.

It is a period of introspection and reflection, where we can take stock of our lives and consider what we need to release to move forward.

Astrologically, the waning moon occurs as the moon moves from the third quarter to the new moon phase.

During this time, the moon is decreasing in size and light, which symbolizes the release of energy and the shedding of old patterns and habits.

This is a powerful time for manifestation, as we are clearing the way for new energy and opportunities to enter our lives.

Release resistance is an essential part of the manifestation process. Without releasing the resistance, we can find ourselves stuck in a cycle of frustration and disappointment, wondering why our manifestations are not happening.

By acknowledging and letting go of our resistance, we can align ourselves with our desires and allow them to manifest more easily and effortlessly.

Release resistance allows us to align with the energy of the universe and open ourselves to receive the abundance and opportunities that are available to us.

Align yourself with the Power of the Waning Moon

It is believed that the energy of the moon can be harnessed to manifest our desires and release resistance.

The waning moon is a time of reduced lunar energy, which makes it an ideal time to let go of anything that no longer serves us, including resistance to manifestation.

Here is a simple ritual you can perform to release resistance on a waning moon:


  • Candle (white, black or purple)
  • Pen and paper
  • Fireproof dish


  1. Clean up your space: Before starting the ritual, cleanse your space by smearing with sage or palo santo, or using any other method you prefer.
  1. Light the candle: Light the candle and place it in front of you. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself.
  1. Write your resistance: Take a pen and paper and write down any limiting beliefs, negative thoughts or emotions, or anything else that you feel is blocking your manifestation. Write as much as you need to release.
  1. Burn the paper: Take the paper and hold it over the candle flame until it catches fire. Be careful not to burn yourself. Place the burning paper in the fireproof dish and let it burn completely. As you watch the paper burn, see the resistance being released from your life.
  1. Repeat the affirmations: While the paper burns, repeat affirmations to yourself. You can use statements like “I release all resistance to manifestation,” “I am open and receptive to abundance,” or any other affirmation that resonates with you.
  1. Express gratitude: Once the paper has been completely burned, take a moment to express gratitude for releasing the resistance. I thank the universe for supporting you in this process and affirming your belief in the power of manifestation.

  1. Extinguish the candle: Blow out the candle, or you can also let it burn completely. This represents the completion of the ritual.

Remember that releasing resistance is an ongoing process, and it may take time and effort to completely go away.

Repeat this process as often as you feel called during the waning moon phase or whenever you feel resistance holding you back.

Releasing resistance during the waning moon phase is a powerful way to manifest our desires and allow the abundance of the universe to flow into our lives.

By taking time for introspection, setting our intention, and performing rituals, we can let go of anything that is blocking us from achieving our goals.

As an astrologer, I encourage you to harness the power of the waning moon to release resistance and manifest the life of your dreams.