Helpful Tips to Navigate Eclipse Energy

An eclipse is coming…

It represents a powerful new beginning, coming at us with a powerful, game-changing energy.

Typically Eclipses always mean intense beginnings and endings, changes that shake up your world a little (or a lot).

These changes are always for your highest good, so be aware of the cosmic energy, buckle up and ride!

The eclipse in Scorpio means an emphasis on powerful, mental energy, mystery, and self-talk.

Now would be an excellent time to catch yourself in any negative self-talk that tends to dominate your mind.

Do you repeat a lot of critical phrases directed at yourself?

I am not rich/handsome/g[aqli bi]]more?

Am I not worthy of abundance/ can’t I have that job/ will that person never love me?

If so, now is the time to become more aware of those mental processes that do not help and try to change your thinking habits permanently.

If you can make that change during this intense cosmic energy, it will stick.

Try sticking post-its around your house, (on the fridge, next to your bed, on the bathroom mirror) that say “What are you thinking about?” to help remind you to stay in a positive frequency by changing your attention and focus.

It’s a great way to quickly get yourself out of a downward mental spiral.

After that, knowing where your frequency is, in general, is very important at this time.

Remember how the Law of Attraction teaches us that our thoughts and feelings add up to create our set point of vibrational frequency?

You have to be judicious this month about where your energy is being directed.

  • Do you make the kind of aligned choices that support your dreams?
  • Are you being pulled and pulled in different directions that don’t serve you?
  • Where do you tend to be knocked off your own course, and perhaps tangled in the chaos of other people’s opinions and information?

Be sure to blame yourself and be guided by your frequency of what feels good to you.

Whenever new things come into your life, or you are asked to make some kind of choice in your life, be very sure that you are in tune with your higher self and that the choice feels loving to you.

Ask yourself if it makes your heart sing?

If it brings your energy? If it makes you feel excited?

If the answer is a true yes, you will feel it throughout your emotional, physical and energetic body.

Always be guided by your frequency.

If you are ever unsure about something, simply fall into your intuition, take a deep breath and listen to your heart.

Shift from your thinking mind to your feelings, your heart space, and your intuition.

Your body is your greatest guide, your best friend.

It will always tell you the truth in any situation, so now is a good time to honor that connection as much as possible with meditation and quiet time for yourself.

Be patient and loving with yourself, and always take the time you need before acting on something.

Tips to Help Navigate Eclipse Energy

Heart-centered breathing: When you feel unwell, or as if your energy frequency has dropped, perhaps you’ve seen or read something that disturbs you, or you’ve had a disagreement with someone – whatever is making you feel anxious or blue, try breathing in -deep. the space of your heart.

Close your eyes and focus on your heart space / chakra. Then breathe in and out deeply, as if your heart were a lung.

Allow for just a few moments, for all your awareness to be purely in this space.

This will help you calm your nervous system, and bring you back into balance on all levels of your being.

Crystal healing: Try meditating with Fluorite which is wonderful for neutralizing negative energy, absorbing stressful vibrations, and encouraging positivity and harmony.

It also helps us to make decisions, maintain focus and concentration, and combine our intuition with the rational mind.

Unleash the Creativity: Do something out of the ordinary that gets you connected to your inner creativity.

Paint a picture, write a poem, journal, do something that gets your juices flowing – your imagination will really be flowing at this time, let it soar to new heights!

The main TAKEAWAY from this eclipse is to let your frequency be your guide.

• Who do you want to be?

• What do you want your life to look like?

• Where do you need to break from your past/old habits or outdated connections?

• How will you use this time to step into a new, updated, high-frequency version of your life?

Set a strong and clear intention on or around the night of October 25th.

Allow yourself to be deeply connected to your frequency and drawn to only those things that enhance your life.

Don’t try to control or push things forward, let the path clear for you and let the Universe show you the way forward.

Let go and trust, dear.

What will you do during this Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse?