Manifest Your Desires With the Help of Soul Reading

There are times when you simply cannot manifest your intentions.

Manifestation involves work. This involves clearing your energies and your blocks, reaching a positive mindset, and knowing who you are. Without these things, the manifestation becomes doubtful.

One way to help you start the process is through a soul reading.

When it comes to our souls, we are all different and carry a unique matrix. To manifest and achieve the results we want, we must vibrationally align with our desires. It is all about directing creative forces and energies with intention.

The thing is, there are many times when we manifest from our ego.

Ego vs. Soul

Ego is our self-created identity—it’s who we think we are and how we like the world to see us. We all have an ego and it works like a mask because it covers exactly who we are. When he wants something, he starts trying to get it and when he does, it gives short-term satisfaction.

What makes the ego dangerous is that it is always trying to fill a void inside that cannot be filled. Too much ego can hinder manifestation by distorting and suppressing.

On the other hand, manifesting through the soul can reduce the ego’s ability to block your desires and manifest the things that make you truly happy and fulfilled.

This is why a soul reading is vital when you are in the process of manifesting…

What is a Soul Reading?

Manifest Your Desires With The Help Of Soul Reading

Before anything else, a reading is not a psychic reading—although similar, a soul reading is deeper. It goes deep into your soul that you have not reached. Most of the time, these are parts of your soul that you don’t even know about.

Soul reading can also bring prophecies but the most essential part of it is to bring healing and inspiration.

When you are healed and inspired, you begin to transform yourself.

There are several techniques used for soul reading:

  • Aura Reading – this involves reading the energy field that surrounds your body through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience, or clairsentience.
  • Soul Purpose Reading – this involves looking into your soul’s mission and potential. Here, your personality in this life and in past lives will be laid out in the open.
  • Therapeutic Soul Reading – this involves exploring your physical and astral planes which can uncover blockages, illnesses, and unresolved emotional issues.
  • Soul Reading of Prophecy – this involves predicting the future.

Benefits Of Soul Reading

There are many benefits that you can get out of a soul reading. On the one hand, reading will serve as a wake-up call for your soul. It will show you things that you didn’t pay attention to before, which may be what triggers some of the adversities in your life.

It can help you discover your true purpose, which will unleash your creativity. This is when you remove any blocks that hold you back from achieving your highest self. When you clear these blocks, you get to move forward beyond the negativities in your life, resulting in reduced stress and better peace of mind.

A soul reading is a great way to connect with your spirit guides and your ancestors. Connecting with them will make you feel guided and loved.

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