Manifesting with Your Inner Child: Does it Really Work?

Do you ever feel like you can’t move forward?

Have you asked yourself why you end up sabotaging yourself?

Do you also find yourself feeling anxious or self-critical (or both!) easily?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you probably have a wounded inner child that you haven’t addressed yet.

And a wounded inner child can hinder you from manifesting what you want in life.

But you can still manifest with it as long as you hear it first.

The thing with our inner child is that it can be easily overlooked when growing up.

But you know what they say when things are left unaddressed; it will always catch up with you.

These unaddressed issues, especially concerning our inner child, live in the unconscious mind.

As you live (rent-free) in this part of the brain, it will always have a “voice” – from how you make choices to how you live your life.

I have seen this in my life.

A close friend suffered verbal abuse from her mother, who eventually left them when she was 8 years old.

When her mother left, she spent her growing up years with her father.

She felt relief then, when her mother left because she couldn’t take the verbal abuse anymore.

Throughout her life, she kept trying to show success in her career but somehow, it didn’t happen to her. Something was holding her back.

Fortunately, she found a therapist, and eventually, realized that it was her inner child speaking.

The wounds of her inner child made her feel afraid and insecure, and she never thought that her mother’s abuse and abandonment would have a significant impact on her life to this day.

That’s when she took action to acknowledge her inner child.

Treat Your Inner Child

If you feel like your inner child is peeking out and trying to come out and swallow you, don’t let it.

You can deal with this by releasing the childlike parts of your personality.

It’s very similar to personal care, which means it won’t feel like a chore.

Know Your Inner Child

The first step is to recognize your inner child.

This will be difficult for some, specifically those who experienced a traumatic childhood.

So, take it slow.

Recognizing the inner child involves recognizing things that caused you pain in your childhood and accepting them.

This recognition will help you better understand its impact on your adult life and your manifestations.

Write to Him

What you can do here is write a letter to your inner child.

By writing down your feelings, you get a chance to let them all out, which makes you feel lighter.

In addition, it is an excellent opportunity for you to offer messages of reassurance and comfort.

If it’s your first time writing down your feelings, make it easier by creating a dialogue with yourself — and from there, things will flow.

A Manifesto With Your Inner Child

Manifesting with your inner child works by going through the steps I mentioned.

After that, you start to feel that energy like a child inside.

And when you do, you feel lighter and better.

Manifest with your inner child really start to recognize it and the healing will be from the past.

Your Inner Child is waiting for you with open arms.

The more fun and joy you are having with it, the more abundance you will attract into your life.

Do you think you need to work on your inner child?