5 Angels You Can Call On To Help Ease Your Worries Away

We are all facing uncertain times and it has made us all anxious. Along with this, we are all locked inside our homes, and all we can do is wait it out and pray that we and our loved ones don’t catch the virus. There are many things happening in our lives right now that are making us feel stressed and anxious.

The good news is that the experts have given us advice on how to cope. Although useful for some, there will still be days when none of them seem to work.

5 angels you can call on to help ease your worries

This is the time to call upon the power of the angels.

Angels can reprogram our subconscious and unconscious minds from the negativity that causes anxiety. An angel can also give you outside help.

Perhaps, it will push you to see a therapist or reach out to someone you think can be helpful in times like this.

Every time you feel sad or anxious, call upon your angels to help you.

Angel Michael

One of the most well-known archangels, Angel Michael helps you break the cycle of worry. With his sword made of light, he can cut through fearsome energetic attachments that make you overthink or be anxious.

Ask Angel Michael to use his lightsaber to help you break the cycle of your obsessive thoughts.

Angel Haniel

Angel Haniel, who is also known as the “glory of God’s grace,” is the angel of principalities. Therefore, she is the person who takes care of all the nations on earth. When you call her, she will change the hearts and minds of world leaders to bring about significant changes for the benefit of humanity.

In addition, she is known to bring harmony and balance wherever she is. It bears the symbol of a rose which is a representation of the beauty of spiritual growth. With the help of Archangel Haniel, she will help you embrace your spirituality by harnessing the energy of the moon.

Angel Haniel can also heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, making all your worries melt away.

Angel Raguel

The meaning of Archangel Raguel is “friend of God.” His power is that he can help troubled relationships. So, if you are dealing with relationship problems that are causing you anxiety, call Archangel Raguel.

He will help to heal your disagreement with another person. Archangel Raguel can also provide more compassion so that all parties can see each other’s point of view.

Angel Gadiel

Angel Gadiel is known as the holiest of the angels, where his name means “God is my wealth.” Call Angel Gadiel when you are feeling sad. Before you face a negative situation, call on him to protect you. It also helps you release negative feelings after a disagreement with someone.

When you summon Gadiel, you may notice yellow or green flashes. Some say there are curtains shaking even though there is no wind.

Angel Jophiel

It’s very easy for us to magnify problems when we’re worried about something—that’s when anxiety kicks in. This is a rabbit hole that is hard to get out of. When we fall into that hole, it’s easy to overlook the positive things in life.

5 angels you can call on to help ease your worries

When you find yourself stuck in this hole, it’s time to call on Angel Jophiel. Her name means “beauty of God” and she can bring you to a happy place. With her by your side, you will feel lighter and happier, therefore, you will be able to attract more positive things into your life. When you feel her presence, you will realize that all your worries are gone.

Hang in there, and keep the faith. Your angels are here to help you.