Mastering the Energies of Pisces Season

The sun has officially entered the dreamy water sign of Pisces where it will stay until March 20th.

Regardless of which zodiac sign you are, you will feel the effects of this dominant zodiac energy.

Pisces is the last sign on the zodiac wheel that encourages us to reflect on where we came from, and what the journey was to get here and now.

Think about where the last 12 months have taken you.

What lessons have you learned, and what blessings have you encountered? What challenges have you been forced to tackle?

When you see the past as a path that leads to the present moment you can see that any obstacles you faced led you to your present situation for a reason.

It’s a wonderful way to get an overall perspective of your life.

You can see where maybe you need to take responsibility for things that didn’t turn out the way you imagined.

Or note where you took positive action that led to positive results.

Pisces is associated with being a very intuitive, psychic, dreamy, creative and empathetic sign of the zodiac.

It has a very YIN energy, which calls us to look within, reflect, meditate and be still.

It is energetically a time of introspection, deep dreaming, tuning into your imagination and allowing yourself to express your most deeply held creative urges.

Ruled by water, Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

It is a time to go with the flow of life and to control your destiny.

The fish may be swimming in opposite directions, but eventually, they will meet.

In this way, Pisces shows us the circle of life. There is no beginning and no end.

Pisces is about great spiritual themes of higher consciousness and enlightenment.

How can you make some adjustments in your life to go with the flow? Where are you struggling and pushing against the current?

Pisces invites us to surrender for the moment in order to go.

Whatever you are facing in life right now, good or bad, surrendering to it releases the trapped and stagnant energy of denial.

Surrender does not mean that you have to like the situation, it simply means that you see the truth of the moment and let it be.

When you do this, rather than telling the Universe that you want this situation, you loosen the energy around it.

That match allows new energy to come in and replace the old.

Surrender is an integral part of living the life your soul intended.

It requires faith and trust. It means letting go of control, just being present.

Your Guide to Mastering Pisces Season

1. Meditation – Include daily meditation in your routine.

Whether you can only spend five minutes on a break, or do an intense session of an hour, your mind and emotions will thank you for this.

There is nothing like tapping into your true power by cultivating deep stillness in the mind.

2. Water – Drink it, swim in it, swim in it!

Think about how you can include water activities in your life this season.

Whether it’s taking regular hot baths with your favorite essential oils, or swimming, surfing, rowing, sailing – you name it, get out on or near the water as much as possible to soak up those Pisces vibes.

Water is cleansing and nourishing, it will allow you it releases something stagnant and prepares you for creative activities.

Try to drink up to 2-3 liters of fresh, distilled water a day – your body will thank you and you’ll benefit from maximizing the magical Piscean energy available to you.

3. Creative Expression – Unleash your imagination.

Whether through writing, drawing and painting, dancing, music, singing, cooking, gardening – whatever your chosen creative outlet.

If the Pisces season teaches anything, let it be to act on instinct, not to wait for the ‘perfect’ idea to strike.

But rather go deep into your creativity spiritually and allow yourself to express it in any way that feels right to you.

4. Dream Diary – Pay close attention to any symbolism or strong emotional experiences you have during dream time.

If you don’t keep a dream journal, now is a good time to start.

Whatever happens during your sleep is of symbolic importance right now during the psychic season of Pisces.

Keeping a journal of things that stand out can help you gain insight into what your subconscious and higher self may be communicating to you.

5. Clean and Clean – Pisces embodies the energy of release and ending (being the final sign of the zodiac).

This means that the Universe will be very supportive of anything you throw at it during this time.

It can be your physical possessions or something you are holding on to emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

That little thing that you can’t stop holding on to, those feelings of shame, guilt, frustration – whether to yourself or to another, the message is clear: GET HER OUT.

If you can include all of the above in your life during the next month, you will start to see big changes in your emotional state.

You will feel attuned and calm, grounded, in touch with your intuition, and peaceful.

Work synergistically with your own energy to create a stable platform from which to enter the coming Aries fire season.

Enjoy the watery, dreamy, intuitive and creative energy of Pisces in 2022.