Which Signs are Most Affected by the June 17/18th Gemini New Moon 

On June 17/18 we have a New Moon in the intelligent, social and communicative sign of Gemini.

This New Moon will highlight our desire for connection, awareness, and self-expression.

The New Moon always serves as a catalyst for the entire lunar cycle, symbolizing the beginning of a new chapter.

Any themes or situations that appear for you during this time are usually of great significance and can lead to exciting new opportunities!

If you make the intention to consciously start a new project or begin a new relationship during the New Moon, your energy will increase its potential for success.

There are some zodiac signs that will be most affected by this upcoming New Moon, but be sure to check to see if your sun sign, moon sign or rising sign is included below.

If none of these signs are in your chart as sun, moon, or rising signs –

this New Moon energy will be a little less intense for you, and a great time to set some new inspirational intentions for the coming weeks.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The moon favors your own sign, Gemini and as a result, enhances your natural, clever and sociable qualities.

You will be infused with fresh energy and a desire to get up and start new projects close to your heart.

Since this is your personal New Moon, you are in a perfect situation to set intentions for the coming year.

It is an ideal time to reflect deeply on your identity, both the way you see yourself and the way you present yourself to the rest of the world.

Embrace your unique voice, explore new possibilities, and trust your ability to make choices that align with your personal growth and your soul’s true desires.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The Moon will be illuminating your professional ambitions as well as personal matters for you Virgo.

Think about setting clear goals in terms of your career, and don’t be too afraid to communicate your ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion! Step into your power and own who you are.

Positive impressions are built on confidence.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This New Moon will strengthen your partnerships and collaborations.

You will feel motivated to bring honest and open communication to your closest relationships to make them much more meaningful.

This is a time for you to embrace compromise and cooperation while focusing on shared goals and mutual ideals.

Listen to your intuition during this time in terms of what or who needs to fall away from your life.

It’s time to get real about who contributes love and positivity to your life, and who brings chaos and drama.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You may find yourself focusing much more on matters close to home during this time, Pisces. Creating a beautiful and harmonious home environment is important to you.

If opportunities arise that require emotional healing, don’t shy away from them.

As a Pisces, your sensitive and intuitive nature helps you deepen your connection with yourself and others and dig deep into something that needs your love and compassion.

Keep yourself grounded and clear minded to handle anything that needs your special touch.

May this New Moon in Gemini bless you with growth, inspiration, and the courage to align your desires with your soul and make lasting and positive changes in your life.