Mindfulness Practice In the Time of Corona

Every day since the outbreak of the coronavirus, all we see is news that brings more bad news.

However, I believe that what causes our anxiety and stress is not only because of the virus, but because of the uncertainty that it brings.

And because of this, the more you should disable a practice of minfulness.

Here are some ways you can start being careful in uncertain times:

Be Aware of the Time You Spend on Social Media

Mindfulness Practice In The Time Of Corona

Social media is full of news about the global pandemic. However, this does not mean that you need to consume all the news you see. Scrolling through social media, even if you don’t intend to read the news, is risky.

Practice mindfulness in how you spend your time online, especially on social media. If you find yourself scared, anxious or triggered by what you see or just by reading the news, why not give yourself specific times of the day when you can check your bills?

It is essential to keep up to date with the latest news, but you need to be aware of how much news you consume online. The global pandemic already has a significant effect on our lives, don’t add to the load by feeding your mind with things that can be avoided.

Look Inside

When I say look within, I want you to see the opportunities during this time of the pandemic. Instead of focusing too much on the things you can’t do anymore, think about this—”What are the things I can do now?”

Perhaps, you will find yourself having more time to tidy up your garden. Or maybe now you have the time to start a hobby you’ve always wanted to start but were too busy to do at the time.

Consider what passions or curiosities you can explore at this time when you have almost all the time in the world. Use this time to dive deeper into it.

But, don’t force yourself. The health crisis is severe and we all deserve to take as many breaks as we can for as long as possible. When you have your energy back (trust me, it will come back sooner than you think!), that’s when you should explore the opportunities at hand.

Mindfulness Practice In The Time Of Corona

So, now here are some mindfulness exercises you can do during these times:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing – also known as belly breathing, this method helps initiate the body’s relaxation response.
  • Body Scan Meditation – the purpose of this exercise is to be aware of your body in the present moment. Usually, we respond to body pain or discomfort is to distract ourselves and try to remove the pain.
  • Making the Mind Happy – in these uncertain times, you can practice the inner smile spreading throughout the body. This exercise will help you rest and reset.

Practice more mindfulness at home to help you through these trying times.

Always remember, this too shall pass.