Movement Meditation: Get Your Body Moving While You Meditate

Have you had sporadic meditations? Or are you finding it challenging because you can’t sit still?

Don’t worry—you can still reap the benefits of meditation by moving.

There are different types of meditation today. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to stay still, then you can try movement meditation.

What Is Movement Meditation?

Simply put, movement meditation is the type of meditation in which you are moving. It involves a wide range of techniques. Doing movement meditation is best when you feel energetic.

Movement meditation can help you understand the nature and holiness of this world. You will be surprised at the many things you can learn by being body aware. Learn about the ever-changing nature of life through the body because the body is always moving.

How to Practice Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation: Moving Your Body While Meditating

One of the best things about movement meditation is that you can do it through almost any physical activity you enjoy. You can do this by walking, or when you are exercising, or even while you are doing yoga.

It’s all about finding a physical activity that you enjoy starting. It is easier to practice what you are doing when you enjoy it.

Here are some tips to help you make your movement meditation a success:

  • Your breath will still be a guide. When you plan to do yoga, use your breath to guide the movement. For example, inhale when you do a pose and exhale when you let your body settle deeper. Don’t overthink this part. Regardless of the pace of your breathing, your mind will always follow.
  • Be careful. When you are doing movement meditation, be aware of the movement of your body parts such as your muscles, and how they make contact with external surfaces. Pay close attention to the movement of energy in the body and how the body responds to it.
  • Walk slowly. You do not need to rush when you are doing movement meditation. Instead, take it slow. The mode will let you perceive more of the individual movements of your body.
  • Focus on the motions. Don’t focus on the practical goal like getting to a destination or completing a yoga practice in 30 minutes. Instead, focus on the movements of your body.

Do It Yourself

Are you ready to go for a movement meditation? You can start by simply walking for a few minutes outside. While you’re doing it, be aware of your feet and how they hit the ground when you walk. Be aware of your arms swinging slowly to the movement of your legs. Feel your legs as the muscles gradually contract with each step. How do you feel?

Movement meditation is perfect for individuals who are always on the go and want to slow down. This type of meditation allows you to move but will not be rushed. Instead, you feel a sense of calm and tranquility as you move.

Apply this to your daily life. Whether you are at the office or at home, you can always do a movement meditation and see how quickly your mood will change.

The present moment is urging you to feel it. Don’t let it pass.

You are in the present moment and it is good to stay in it.