Return to Basics: Envisioning Abundance

Whether you’re studying meditation, yoga, music, sport, or trying to develop and expand your financial awareness by raising your vibration, when you feel like you’re getting nowhere, it’s a good idea to get back to basics.

In the same way that people talk about beginner’s mind, the same idea applies to when you feel stuck in manifesting abundance.

It’s always valuable to strip things back to the bare minimum and start over. Take it slow. Don’t rush or pressure yourself. Just understand that simplicity is often the hallmark of greatness.

It is the same with the abundance that manifests. You can have a room full of vision boards and crystals, contort yourself in different positions, and spend all day meditating, but if you are not really feeling the high vibrating emotions needed to truly transform your life, what’s the point

Changing your reality and living your life on purpose doesn’t have to be an endless road of trials and tribulations. It won’t necessarily be easy, it’s certainly hard work and dedication to become aware of conditioned emotional reactions and thoughts that don’t serve you, but ultimately manifesting is about becoming joyful and hopeful.

When you feel yourself sinking into doubt and frustration, stop.

When you don’t feel as if you are moving forward. Stop.

Take it right back to the basics. Get out a paper and a pen and write down several (let’s say at least two) thoughts, emotions, habits or behaviors that you feel are no longer serving your life and that you would like to change.

Journal around these for a while. Go deep into what they mean and what it is about them that you don’t want to keep around. Allow yourself to really imagine not only what it would be like, but very importantly how it would feel to not have those things in your life anymore.

The idea is to become aware of them so that they no longer slip into your way without you noticing. You get to know them so much, that you know how they impact your thoughts, words, actions and feelings.
In other words, become aware of your unconscious behavior.

Those negative things were holding you back, dictating your actions every day, and repeating the same things that don’t move you forward. They are part of your unconscious programming.

Now, take the piece of paper and write down two or three things you want to practice more. Thoughts, beliefs, habits or behaviors you wish to create more of.

Journal around these and put yourself in the place of having them as your conscious programming instead of those negative beliefs. Think about them with firm intention and attention.

Enter a kind of mental test of how you can act like someone with these beliefs instead of your old ones. Journal about how you might act in certain situations as someone with these new intentions.

The trick is to really feel as if you are experiencing life differently, as this person with these new thoughts, feelings and habits.

I’m going to share my little secret with you. This is something I do before any big meeting, date or event that helps when trying to integrate this vision of a new self into your body as well.

Practice standing in a power pose and close your eyes

Back to Basics: Envisions Abundance

A power pose can be something like standing with your legs apart and your hands on your hips. Lift your chest to the sky and chin up.

Stand and meditate for a few moments on the feeling of being this new self.

Remember how the mind cannot distinguish between the imagined and the real? This is the case when you imagine yourself feeling different in your new reality.

How does an abundant person live? How do they talk, walk, eat, laugh, sing and just be?

How does it feel to be at work as an abundant person? How does it feel to be with friends and family? How will each waking day of your life feel different as an abundant person?

The more you practice thinking, imagining, and feeling these changes, the more changes you will experience in your life as a result. Simply by going through these mental processes, your mind begins to experience the reality of your visualizations. You are teaching your mind a new present instead of reliving the past over and over again.

The key to all of this is to feel these experiences emotionally.

The key is to remember that this is all within you. You have the power to change every detail of your life.

Stop waiting for something or someone to come along and change your life for you.

Start today and manifest abundance for yourself.