Step Into Authenticity and Reclaim Your Power with the Scorpio Super New Moon

We want your power and push closer to your goals, desires and intentions with the Scorpio Super New Moon.
What is Scorpio Super New Moon?

The Scorpio Super New Moon is the last New Moon before we head into Eclipse season! It takes place between 14 and 15 November.

You may remember that we had a Super New Moon in Virgo, back in September, and a Super New Moon in Libra in October, making this Super New Moon in Scorpio the final one in the trilogy.

A Supermoon is a New Moon with a deeper intensity. It is when the moon is particularly close to the Earth; although we can’t see it, the energies are stronger than ever.

A New Moon in Scorpio comes with a strong, watery energy that will intensify emotions, increase intuition, and bring healing.
You will be given the opportunity to set your intentions and clarify your goals and dreams. You can review projects, set new goals, and plant more seeds as you learn to go within and align with the flow of nature’s rhythms.

As this is the third and final Super New Moon of the year, it’s a good idea to look back at any recurring themes that emerged for you during the previous New Moon and clarify the goals or intentions they were calling for. your attention and energy. .

How will this New Moon affect me?

This Scorpio New Moon will help you get closer to your goals, strengthen your drive, and ambition and help you transform and create something new in your life.

This will help you create an intense, laser-like focus, and be motivated and driven to see things through to fruition. This, together with Mars going direct, brings great energy to your projects and passions and is ideal to end this year with enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.

Scorpio energy is also about digging deeper into the hidden parts of our psyche, encouraging us to look into buried emotions, deepest desires, passions and secrets our

Clear Old Baggage and Emotional Wounds

This is a perfect time to do some shadow work that you know will help you heal core wounds and old patterns. The energy of this Scorpio New Moon will help you transform outdated fears, old insecurities, and clear issues related to programming from your past through family or relationships. Now is the time to release your emotional baggage and instead turn that energy into personal power.

Working to clear these issues will help you release the old and make room for something new. When you journey into the shadows of your deepest self, you make way for authenticity. You can genuinely step into a new way of living, thinking and being and you can become the truest version of yourself.

Experience Breakthroughs

Since the energy of Scorpio helps to clarify what was under the surface, there is a great sense of freedom from old ways and move to a new reality. If there are situations you want to move on from, now is the time to wake up and gain clarity to leave them behind.

If you are feeling fed up of not talking, now is the time to wake up. You can clarify the energies of this Super New Moon and transform parts of your life to finally step into your power. This is a time of renewal, rebirth, and transformation.
This is an auspicious time to release your fears, celebrate your victories and to look back on the past year and see how far you have come!

Wondering how to channel these energies practically?

Scorpio New Moon Journaling Techniques

Writing is one of the best ways to gain clarity, release emotions, and harness the kind of new energy you want to cultivate with this astrological structure in November.

Release the Emotions

Use your journaling time to release any stuck emotions, list your fears and whatever has brought you pain. As you freely journal around these painful emotions or issues, transform that energy into power. Focus on how you have changed for the better and how you can move forward refreshed, renewed, and ready for whatever you desire.

Gratitude Journal

Write down everything you were grateful for this year, express gratitude for the people in your life and all the good things that have come your way. Try to see where the difficulties ended in positive experiences. Find the silver lining in everything.

Moving Forward Intentions

The New Moon is the right time to plant the seeds of your desires. Journal and Visualize yourself achieving the goals you dream of and try to feel your way emotionally towards your future.

Consider these questions as you journal:

  • What fears do I need to face?
  • Where do I still feel emotionally stuck?
  • How has it transformed and grown?
  • What energy am I bringing with me into this next week, month and year?
  • Where do I need to get my power from?
  • What intentions am I setting with this Super New Moon?
  • How will I stay on track to be aligned with my desires?

Remember, Scorpio energy can also be disturbing if you have deep emotions to reveal, fears to face or old programming to deconstruct, it is better to always sit and feel what is unfolding for you, however uncomfortable. It is only by feeling that we can transmute the pain.

Being honest about the inner work that needs to be done is a big and powerful recognition. If you can do this, the energy is there to help you, to guide you to realize your strengths, your values ​​and to step into your true power and truth as a human being.

While you may not be able to see the full journey ahead of you, when you encounter difficult, heavy or stirring emotions, you must remember that everything is always changing, transforming and getting better.

You have control over how you choose to react and grow when opportunity is presented.

Believe in your own truth, clarity, and beautiful power to be an authentic light in this world.

Happy New Super Moon in Scorpio!