That One Important Thing That Can Raise Your Money Vibration

How can I have more money?
Do I really want to have X amount of money this week?
I wish I had X amount of money to travel.

These are some of the most common things I hear about money. Everyone needs money; so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when I hear these.

What comes as a surprise to me is that many people are not aware of the most important thing they can do to raise their money vibration.

And that’s what I’m going to talk about here.

Money brings different emotions. And everything in life is a vibration.

So, how are these two associated?

See, when we resonate with our desires, we can create more of this in our lives.

Often when we want something so much, we separate ourselves from the desires that make us feel resistant in everything that is happening in our present moment because what we want is not here now.

When this happens, we are creating or manifesting from a place of lack.

And by the time you get the money, you’ve already conditioned yourself to be unhappy in the present.

All these things happen because of the meaning we give things. In this case, money.

Money gains its power through the meaning we associate with it.

Now, how do you actually resonate with money to strengthen your money vibration?

You must understand that money represents emotions.

So, what I want you to do is to let go of the meaning of money for you and focus on the emotion it brings you. It probably brings you a feeling of happiness, contentment, and all the good adjectives that can be used to describe the emotion that money brings.

It may be the security you feel with it.

It could be the freedom that comes with it.

When you feel the emotion first, you will be able to create it within yourself.

This is because when it comes to abundance, you can mix your feeling in a specific way with the action you are taking.

And that’s why passion is important because when you have passion for something, it will manifest more in your life.

Don’t kill the idea of ​​money in your mind by giving it so much meaning and importance.

Just feel the emotions it brings. Focus on this.

From there, you’ll be able to raise your money vibration higher than ever before—at levels you never thought possible.

Always keep in mind that money is energy; it’s an emotion.

One thing that helps me raise my money vibration is when I meditate and feel the emotion by listening to binaural beats. the Sacred Sound Healing System it helped me clear blockages allowing me to be in a better meditative state when I raise my money vibration.