The Final Full Moon of 2020 Symbolizes Home, Connection, and Kindness

Our last Full Moon of this year will take place on December 30th at 8 degrees of Cancer.

Home is, without a doubt, the theme of this Full Moon.

The Moon is very much at home in Cancer (Cancer is ruled by the Moon), Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, and this year, 2020 was number 4 year in numerology.

Number 4 represents home.

This Full Moon in Cancer will shine with all its light and power tonight, a huge, full, beautiful moon visible above us all.
It will represent the core essence of who we are and how we feel within ourselves.

It is here to remind us that we are all part of the same larger Universe. We are all connected. We live together on One Planet and share this house. Our house.

After the beautiful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21st, this is another step towards a completely new era, the age of Aquarius.

This Full Moon in Cancer speaks of love and kindness. He tells us to come together as a family.

Whether that family is blood, soul, spiritual, or whatever kind of family makes sense to you. This moon serves as a reminder that we are part of the same whole.

The Moon always represents our emotions and our sense of safety and security.

This year has had such a relentless focus on that sense of safety and security, but this Full Moon comes to tell us that we always have the power within to create our own sense of security. Our own home and love within ourselves.

This Full Moon calls us to go inside that house. To be still, calm and introspective as we connect with that deep sense of self, our inner home.

This is a time to listen to what your body, mind and soul are asking for.

What do you tend to holistically? How can you take this time to honor and listen to your own well-being, emotionally, spiritually, and physically?

Take the time to listen to your needs. If you find it hard to let yourself be still, ask why?

Are there things you believe other people can do, but you just can’t? Take time to rest. Take the time to care for the parts of you that deserve your love.

This is a time to become very aware of why you do what you do.

Why do you speak the words you do?

Are there ways you can become more aware of your habits and behaviors and make positive changes?

Why do you keep working too hard, too late, and not getting enough sleep?
Why eat the same food you know it does you no good?

These are the things you should be aware of, not to feel bad about yourself but to have the knowledge and confidence to see them for what they are and choose to take another path. Choose to build another habit.

In terms of connecting with your family (whatever form that family takes for you), this is the perfect time to focus on ways to share, trust, and find mutual respect.

Sometimes we can get frustrated with our differences with others. We may have strong opinions about the way our friends or family are behaving, or what choices in life they make, how they decide to vote, what they say and what they believe.

This year has highlighted polarity and division in a big way. This final Full Moon in Cancer reminds us to be kind and loving, no matter the differences.

We respect our differences, knowing that we all belong to this same family here on Earth. Can you find ways to be loving and compassionate in the face of conflict and debate?

Can you find a way to respect others, even when you disagree with them? There are always ways to connect and find love, and that’s another theme of this Full Moon.

No matter the hardships you may have faced this year, this final Full Moon encourages you to let go of that weight, and find kindness, compassion, love, and that meaning of a home within you.

Cancer is a water sign and there is a strong sense of things being cleaned and washed with this Full Moon. Whatever you have been lugging around can be set now. Let it crash like a wave on the shore and move away from you.

The more you focus on raising your vibration to one of kindness towards yourself and others, the easier it will be for you to let that wave wash over you and cleanse you of negativity.

Any strong emotions that may arise will flow through you like waves. Let them flow and be on their way. When you connect with your inner self, you can allow anything to happen, knowing that you are grounded, centered, strong and tranquil inside.

Let this Cancer Full Moon shine a bright light on the way forward into 2021.

You are telling us to be ourselves.

He is telling us to reduce the burden, the struggle, and the pain.

And to move forward in this new year with confidence, self-love, and compassion for all those in our soul family here on Earth.

Let the strong vibrations of the moon soothe you, and bring you home. Where you are always loved, where you are always authentic and always safe.