The Powerful Energy of the Lionsgate Portal

On August 8th, we have an incredible and heightened galactic energy that is happening with the beginning of a new lunar cycle under the mighty Lionsgate portal.

The numerology of 8/8 (August is the 8th month) activates this portal – together with the Sun in the sign of Leo, and the rising star Sirius.

This powerful combination of energy opens a galactic portal that allows high frequency energy to reach Earth.

This deep and powerful spiritual light can be accessed and integrated by all of us at this time.

This spiritual and cosmic portal can be traced back to ancient Egypt, it has been honored as a crucial time of powerful galactic energy for thousands of years.

The ancient people followed the rising of the bright star Sirius, and believed it to be symbolic of rebirth, abundance, creation of consciousness, and spiritual awareness.

The energies of Sirius have long been associated with fertility, abundance, prosperity and harvest, but also expansion of the spiritual mind.

This is because Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun — it is actually twice the size of our sun and much brighter.

At the same time, our Sun shines light on our physical world, Sirius, as our Spiritual Sun illuminates our spiritual souls.

Ancient civilizations were connected to Sirius, believing it to be the gateway to heaven and a place where higher vibrational beings lived.

They believe that the energy from Sirius flooded the Earth with a very advanced wisdom and spiritual light that we could connect with whenever Sirius was shining in the sky.

Exactly when you see the rise of this star depends on where you are on the planet and the latitude of your location.

Anyway, regardless August 8th has become an auspicious date to observe the beginning of this portal thanks to the powerful numerology of 8/8.

You can expect to feel the strength of this vibrational energy before and after.

Why Lionsgate And What Does 88 Mean?

The Sun in Leo is the reason for the name Lionsgate, as the Lion represents Leo.

Leo is also closely connected to the heart center, expressing positive and divine energy.

The numerology of 88 symbolizes infinity – both the infinite souls that we are and the infinite life journey we are on as well as spiritual intelligence and DNA activation.

The surge of light that occurs with this cosmic alignment, awakens our DNA and activates our energy fields, offering us the opportunity to awaken and elevate our consciousness.

This light energy comes as a chance for us to tap into greater awareness, an opportunity to step into our full power and embody who we came here to be.

We can integrate these energies directly into our light bodies.

It is a powerful time for manifesting and setting intentions.

It is as if we are all here on Earth being given the chance to progress on our individual journeys, and rise to our true potential.

Lionsgate energy can connect us to our intuition and expand our spiritual wisdom, activate heart healing and third eye awakening, as well as boost creativity, psychic downloads, and peace and general harmony.

It is a wonderful time to fully embrace this energy and concentrate on how you can send it out into the world with your light-filled actions.

While this portal occurs every year on August 8, this year in 2021, it also coincides with the highly creative Leo New Moon.

This brings a beautiful and amplifying energy to any intention you set at this time.

New Moons are always about intention setting, but you can think of this one as supercharged with powerful light energy!

Lionsgate New Moon Intent Setting

Think about what you would like to create more of in your life.

Make sure that your desires and dreams are truly coming from the space of your heart.

Leo is a very heart-driven and heart-centered sign, so the energy invites you to check in with your higher self in this way.

You can tell if your intentions are truly aligned for you by connecting with your heart when you think of them.

You can literally put your hand on your heart as you conjure up your intentions in your mind.

Does it make you feel expansive and excited?

If so, you can be sure that they are in line with your highest purpose.

Narrow your intentions down to 3 or 4 top priorities that align with your highest vision for yourself.

Write these on a piece of paper.

These priorities will be what you focus on every day in the coming weeks.

I recommend that you meditate on the night of August 8th and imagine this beautiful light coming down through your crown chakra and filling your body with its energy.

Visualize this light flowing through your body and being used by your higher self in the ways it needs.

Your higher self will know, you don’t need to overthink this.

You can also imagine this light energy spreading outward to shower the entire planet with its high vibrational frequency of love, abundance and harmony.

This New Moon on the Lionsgate encourages you to tap into your inner lion and step into your life with confidence and courage.

Let yourself feel the limitless potential of this Universe and know in your heart that you literally can have anything you want.