Tune to your Inner Strength with the Second Aquarius Full Moon of 2021

Heading to August 22nd and the second Full Moon in Aquarius of 2021.

You may remember that the first Aquarius Full Moon was at the end of July and it acted as a kind of door, opening us to this energy.

This second Full Moon in August acts as the door that closes again.

These two Full Moons are working in harmony, so if you are aware of something that happened at the end of July, it is possible that the same situation will come to completion, or some other details around it will be revealed to you with this August. Full Moon.

As I say at every Full Moon, this time in the lunar cycle is often about the light that shines on the darker corner of our lives.

Full Moons are always about completions, culminations, and endings.

This particular Full Moon in Aquarius can accentuate our longing for freedom and change and light the way forward to make radical changes not only in our personal lives but in society as a whole.

Even though the Full Moon typically symbolizes the ends, this is nothing to fear.

Wherever there is an end, there is also a new beginning. Sometimes what comes to completion during the Full Moon is really something that has been waiting all this time to transform itself and fulfill its potential to be something else, something much better.

This is very likely in this Full Moon since we also have the Sun finishing its journey in the zodiac sign of Leo, which implies bold, passionate, and creative energies will be strong.

You can harness that creativity and use it to change any endings in your life, and instead shape them into new potentials.

I feel this is particularly relevant at the moment with the world moving out of its “old normal” into an uncertain future.

You may feel that you and others in your circle are longing for a return to the past and the perceived safety and security of the known;

However, this Full Moon energy encourages us to accept change, endings, and embrace the better possibilities to come.

It is a crucial time to be connected to your dreams and to believe in the unlimited possibilities of your life.

Remember, Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, the revolutionary and the inventor.

His energies ignite with great ideas, growth, and looking at things from a new and unique perspective.

It’s a perfect time to remember your dreams and align with your goals, while making sure your energy is focused on moving forward.

Jupiter is also feeling its energies during this Full Moon as it is conjunct and retrograde in Aquarius.

Jupiter is the planet of positivity and expansion; its energies are active at this time, which means that what we feel and manifest during this period will be impressively powerful.

The best ways to maximize the positive cosmic energy coming your way from this Aquarius Full Moon is to stay in your health, connect with your courage, and make whatever move your instinct guides you to drive with conviction.

My top 3 tips for harnessing this energy include:

1. Meditation — Even if it just seems like a few moments of peace and quiet at the beginning or end of your day, it’s so good to do and important to your whole being.

Slow down and take space to breathe, be still and create a state of tranquility from which you can manifest.

2. Write down any limiting beliefs — Write down on paper all the things that you feel are holding you back from your best life.

These could be your fears of change, your old habits or things you just can’t let go of no matter how hard you try. This is a time to leave behind what holds you back once and for all.

Crumple up or burn this piece of paper (safely!) and feel the energies of those limiting beliefs and habits dissolve from your life.

3. Make a commitment to yourself — By this, I mean, make a firm decision to move forward in your life in a way that serves you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Whether that’s improving your health and fitness levels, sleeping better, making time for the things that matter to you every day, or starting a whole new phase of your life with positivity.

I want you to use this Aquarius Full Moon energy to realize that you can recreate your life in every moment, no matter what.

You can start again, move forward towards your dreams, connected to your inner strength and determination.

This is a time to be decisive and trust your instincts.

It is time to know that you are the creator of your life and what you put your attention to expands.

Connect with this energy and use it to let go of your past and bring in the new, knowing that you have everything you need to navigate whatever happens in the next chapter of your life.