Turkey: A Symbol Of Abundance

A Thanksgiving feast would not be complete without turkeys.

But why is it?

One of the reasons that the turkey has become a staple on Thanksgiving is that it is native to North America. In addition, it was in 1853 when it was declared as a real holiday, which took place during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. It should be celebrated every last Thursday of November.

However, three years earlier, right after Lincoln’s election, he had already started the tradition with the Thanksgiving dinner that included roast turkey.

There really is no one reason why turkey has become a staple because there are many reasons. Also, it’s a giant bird that can feed a large group, making it a pragmatic choice during the holidays when every member of the family is in town.

Enough about why this bird is served on the table, let’s explore the symbolism of the turkey in the spiritual world.

Sacred Bird

When you look closely, you can see the magic in a turkey. This is why the bird is sacred in ancient Mexican cultures, such as the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Toltecs. In these cultures, the turkey is honored for their beauty and confidence.

The Spirit Animal

The turkey, as a spirit animal, is associated with Earth and Nature. One of the reasons we believe that the turkey is served on the table during Thanksgiving is that the bird symbolizes abundance, which is very suitable for a day of Thanksgiving.

In addition, it also inspires us to respect the sources of our nourishment, whether emotional, physical or spiritual. The turkey is a powerful guide that can help us tap into the fullness of life and be satisfied with the things we currently have instead of constantly accumulating material things to reach a certain level of happiness.

When a turkey appears in your life (except at Thanksgiving!), it is a message that you pay attention to the people who are in need of being around you. He is encouraging you to find ways to help those in need.

Abundant Animals

It is undeniable that a turkey is truly a symbol of abundance. In fact, people born with Turkey Totem know how to generate abundance not only for themselves but for their loved ones as well. In addition, these are people who are generally financially secure and who like to share.

The turkey is an encouragement to celebrate your resources that nurture your overall being. It is also an encouragement to cultivate harmonious relationships between yourself and the world.

It brings the message that opens the richness of your life that lets you appreciate everything in your life. The turkey emphasizes the true meaning of giving and receiving, as well as reaping the rewards of your good deeds.

Do you see the turkey in a different light now?