What Goes Around Comes Around: Do A Karmic Cleanse & Set Yourself Free

We all have the power to create good and bad experiences in our lives. We have all made bad choices at the expense of someone else that we later regretted. There are also times when our own needs tend to get in the way of what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do.

Despite these things, the universe has a way of ensuring that balance remains in our world, hence karma.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that means the cycle of cause and effect. Thus, every action, whether good or bad, that we take will affect us at some point in the future. The universe will undo any acts you have committed or feel you have caused in another person.

It works like a boomerang, which is here to show us how powerful our thoughts and actions are.

Remember, everything in your life is following the law of karma. There are three types of karmas:

  • Prarabhdha Karma: This is karma that has already been set in motion and is ready to be experienced. There’s no way around it, which means you can’t choose to experience it or not.
  • Sanchita Karma: This is the karma which is the sum total of all past karmas. You will not experience this fully because of time, space and the physical constraints of human life. Instead, it must be experienced in another incarnation of the soul.
  • Agami Karma: This is the karma that creates the present.

Karmic Cleanse

Karma in our lives can be any of the three types listed above; although Sanchita karma may not be fully experienced, it may still present itself in our lives as long as we are here.

Karmic cleansing involves inner work. The first thing is to think of someone in your life who creates obstacles in your life. It could be someone you are currently involved with or someone from the past. Maybe, it’s someone you’re not talking to or someone you love.

When you have identified this person, be aware of the feelings you have for this person and discover things or words they have said or done that hurt you.

Now, it is time to quote the karmic threads that bind you from this person. This means that it is not necessary to eliminate that person from your life totally, on the contrary, you will only reduce the karmic threads.

As mentioned, this will take a lot of work inside. Be aware of how much you want these karmic threads gone from your life, and then take back your energy. This will take some time, but when you focus on getting yourself out of this karmic cycle with that person, the better your life will be.

When you are free from the karmic thread in your life, you are free yourself. So, cut the cords—you deserve to be free.

Remember, what goes around will always come around. As much as possible, be kind to others and practice compassion because you can count on the universe to give you the same treatment in return.