Keep Manifesting Simple with This Easy Technique 

Calling all co-creators!

Visualization is your best friend when it comes to manifesting.

This is not about idle daydreaming.

Visualization, when done right, is an active co-creation with the Universe.

You’ve probably heard all about it before, but are you sure you’re doing it right?

It can be so easy to think that visualizing just means spending some time thinking about what you want.

When visualization is not part of a proper manifestation practice in your day, it can easily become a daydreaming habit.

A period of time where you lose yourself in wishful thinking, following the random wandering of your mind without any control.

There is a time and a place for that kind of daydreaming, but for the purpose of successful manifestation, I’m talking about active and deliberate visualization.

The kind when you see and feel yourself taking inspired action towards your desires.

Visualization that includes clear, mental imagery and intention.

Where you know what you want and why you want it.

You spent time and energy focused on the details of your desire, and you can recall everything about it in distinct detail.

So how do you do it?

The first thing you should do is get super clear about what your desires are.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few!

A great way to divide them is to choose just three to start with.

Perhaps one is related to a place you would like to live in, a different city, country, or a new home.

Next could be a condition that suits you, like being a certain weight, conceiving a baby, or being in love in a new relationship.

The third may be career-related, a new business you’d like to see come to fruition, or a novel you’re writing.

Whatever you choose to focus on is 100% your choice.

These are your wishes!

Now, for each wish write the following:

  • What it feels like to already have that desire manifested.
  • How does your day look/feel as you live your life with that desire already present.
  • Write down smells, colors, and textures. Things you feel, feelings, emotions, and thoughts you have about each desire.

The idea is to become extremely clear about all the details surrounding these desires.

Finally, you should write three affirmation-style sentences beginning with the words, I, that relate to each desire.

So, for the example of our new house:

I am in my super comfortable bed in my beautiful bedroom.

I am standing in the morning sunlight in the garden.

I am having guests at my candlelit dinner table.

Or however you choose to write them. You don’t need to use a lot of detail in these sentences. The key is to use ‘I,’ and to keep it simple.

Now, you incorporate these sentences into your visualization practice.

Choose a time period in the morning and evening that is your special visualization time.

Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes.

Repeat the sentences for each desire in your mind, and as you do so imagine yourself in those experiences.

If you need to look at your sentences to read them, that’s fine. Over time, you will memorize them.

You can use the same sentences for as long as you want, a month or two – until it takes you to start seeing things start to appear in your experience.

Take note of anything that appears as a sign, a nudge in the right direction, or even outright synchronicities as they begin to appear in your life.

This practice works by fueling your desires with real feelings and emotions.

It gets you excited about your intentions and really connects you to the visualization practice.

It is so important to see with deliberate intention –

it guarantees much faster results as your mental imagery will be more pure and focused.

Trust that the universe, in its infinite wisdom, is working behind the scenes to fulfill your wishes.

Release any attachment to the outcome, surrender the time and the “how” to the benevolent forces that guide the cosmos.