Why You Need to Balance Your Root Chakra for Manifestation

Manifestation is much more than just wanting and wanting something to happen and hoping it will happen.

When you manifest correctly, it is because you have done the healing work necessary to live your life on this planet in the way you truly desire.

In a way that actually aligns with who you are – mind, body and soul.

It’s not just about identifying a desire and making a vision board or creating affirmations.

If it were that simple, everyone would be happy living the life of their dreams!

You can definitely have everything you want in life! You can 100% turn your dreams into reality, I promise!

The Universe is limitless, and you are a limitless human being living in it, BUT (and it’s a big one) you must clear the blocks that prevent you from allowing your desires to enter your life.

Blocks like the belief that you are not worthy of true happiness and abundance.

Blocks like the belief that you have to follow a path that someone else decided was best for you instead of following your passions and finding your purpose.

The Root Chakra is vital to all of this. It’s grounding, centering energy helps us go full steam ahead in the direction we choose.

The root chakra is associated with survival instincts. It is our most fundamental chakra, the first energy center on the ladder.

Its color is red, and it rules over the lower half of our body, our genitals, lower back, kidneys and lower spine.

When your root chakra is clear, balanced and healthy it provides the best support system from which to build your life.

Think of the roots of a tree and how crucial they are to that tree’s survival, or the foundation of a house and how important it is to get the structure and foundation right before you build more.

It is the same with the root chakra. When you are firmly rooted, you have a strong and stable anchor in the world and you can go forth and manifest your best life.

You feel empowered, confident, dynamic and purposeful. You feel secure in your identity and ready to take on life.

You are connected to Mother Earth and have a strong sense of vitality and will, energy to create and live life.

But if your roots are unstable, weak or ungrounded you cannot create from that energy.

You may feel angry, afraid and anxious about money and material things.

You may have physical symptoms in the area that this chakra governs such as bladder problems, constipation and fatigue.

You may be emotionally very tense, worry constantly and hold on to deep insecurities.

Some of the negative energies that have accumulated in your root chakra may have been present since childhood.

It is very normal for all of us to be a little out of balance in our lower chakra.

The problem is that many people see spiritual work as only related to the higher chakras, the crown, the third eye, etc.

It’s simply not true, as I hope I’ve explained here.

Having a healthy root chakra is so vital to your life and your manifestation abilities. Without it, you will not fully achieve what you set out to do.

Here are some of the proven ways that you can balance and heal your root chakra.

Connect With The World

Eat more whole, plant-based foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds).

Be in nature as much as possible, walk among the trees, sit or stand barefoot on the grass, let the sunlight touch your bare skin.

Hug a tree, talk to a plant – just connect more with the natural world and less with technology and distractions.

This reconnects your vibration with the earth itself.

Use Red Crystals

You can meditate or wear these crystals to tap into the energy of your first chakra center: Red Jasper, Garnet, Ruby, Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz.

Cultivate Safety Within

Practice self-reliance and boost your self-esteem.

If you usually rely on others for advice, try making your own decisions instead of needing others to validate or approve of you.

Morning Meditation

Practice sitting quietly and feeling the earth’s energy emanate from your root chakra and fill that center with brilliant red light.

Set aside 5-10 minutes to do this every morning as you start your day. This will help you feel centered and calm.

Essential Oil Blends

The benefits of aromatherapy are incredible.

These oils alone or mixed with a carrier oil can be used to rub on your body directly through massage or diffused in your home.

Try Frankincense, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. These are strong and earthy tones that are perfectly aligned with the grounding energy you need.

Exercise and Movement

Physical exertion through running, walking or cycling can really help you release any stuck energy and release any stagnant emotions.

There are some wonderful yoga practices that really work on the root chakra as well.

Try yoga poses that boost a sense of groundedness such as yogic squats, mountain pose, wide-legged forward fold and seated meditations.

Finally, I recommend checking in with your limiting beliefs about material things, and anything related to money and security.

You can make an honest list of where you feel you need to work on changing beliefs and remind yourself every day that you have the power to make the discoveries you dream of.

Opening, clearing and healing your root chakra is essential to manifesting.

Do what you can to activate the energy flow there and work to feel connected and grounded first.

The world is waiting for you to create magic in it!