Winter’s Secret Gift: Going Within and Reflecting To Clarify Intentions

I love the winter season. I know it may be an unpopular opinion, who prefers darkness, short days and cold weather over sunny skies and long evenings? But I believe that winter is a significant time of the year for all of us.

He demands that we go inside.

The shorter days and longer nights bring a quality of inner stillness and wisdom to our lives.

They require us to slow down, move with the winter season itself and take rest, hibernate, take care of our physical and mental needs in a conscious way.

Winter is introspection, isolation and quiet. These are all things that are crucial to cultivate self-awareness and deep reflection. It is only when we tap into our inner selves that we can truly gain clarity on what we desire.

Our deepest dreams, our greatest desires, our brightest hopes only truly reveal themselves to us when we get quiet enough to see and hear them.

With that clarity gained, we can then do what we need to do to plant the seeds of our intention and manifest them.

As mother nature dictates, winter’s sleep is necessary in order for spring to bloom again. In our lives, we also have to recognize when it’s time to be quiet and reflect to understand what changes we want to make, and what still needs to flourish in our lives.

What I found by talking to friends and clients, is that most of us are actually afraid to go inward and really reflect on our lives. It’s hard to look at what lies at the core of who we might be, especially if there are significant changes we know we need to make.
It’s easier to get swept up in the distractions of everyday life – social media, Netflix, the news, etc. than it is to take a good look at where we are spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

The beautiful thing is that once you allow yourself to look clearly into your heart and face what you want to change, what you yearn for on a deep level and what you wish to manifest – something happens in your soul that helps you take steps towards it .
You activate the energy behind your souls deepest desires.

A new reality begins to call you, and you must heed that call. Don’t ignore it.

You set something in motion when you admit to yourself that there are changes you want to make in your life. However difficult they appear to you right now, however distant and difficult to manifest, the first step is always to admit what they are.

Most people want change but that life change is beyond their comfort zone, or what they believe is possible.

In order to let the Law of Attraction bring you what you desire, you must believe that it is possible, and you must have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

How comfortable do you feel letting good things into your life? Don’t be afraid of this question! She holds the key to your abundance within her.

I’m going to share with you one of my favorite winter rituals. It’s the perfect time to do it, before the New Year arrives she shows up with her resolutions waiting to be broken!

This is a great way to prepare yourself for the new year and to manifest the kind of life you really want to be living in 2021.

Make a Goodbye List

Get your journal and pen and prepare to sit for at least ten minutes while you do this.

Think of anything in your life that you would like to release. This can be anything from the burden of old things to habits that you want to change.

Where do you need to step up in terms of your behavior?
What habits tend to get you down? What items do you have that you no longer need? A
are there people dragging you?
Are there lies you are telling yourself?
Where are you ready for improvement in your standards?
How can you become unavailable to the old ways of doing and being?

A few years ago, before I was published, my list went something like this:

I say goodbye to…

  1. Old journals that no longer speak to who I am today.
  2. Clothes I haven’t worn in a year.
  3. You wake up too late.
  4. I say yes when I say no.
  5. Not treating myself as someone of value.
  6. I doubt myself when it stops my creativity.
  7. Not keeping in touch with old friends
  8. I allow myself to be distracted when I am writing.
  9. That last piece of pizza.

Well, the last one I didn’t always stick to! But you get the idea.

Can you relate to my list?

This “Goodbye List” is about getting rid of everything that doesn’t support the kind of person you are on the inside.
The kind of person you wish you were now.

Remove from your life anything and everything that does not match your vision of yourself.

Set the bar high, raise it. Raise your standards and use the power of this dark and silent season to make the decisions that will elevate your life.