Slow Down to Move Through Life with Intention

I’ve never been one to take things slow. I like to move fast, and I’m good at multi-tasking. In fact, I have often prided myself on my ability to get things done simply because of my fast-paced attitude towards life.

The thing is, moving fast all the time can end up being a burden. Sure, you can get far in life that way, and I owe a lot to my ability to channel energy through things. Anyway, after a while, it is impractical to keep up, not to mention physically, mentally and emotionally, you can burn out.

I’m sure some of you can relate when I say that it’s usually when we’re rushing or trying to do a million things at once that we forget things, wait and even sometimes, (speaking from experience!) run into something or we come to terms with something. .
You can be fooled into thinking faster is better as you focus on specific tasks and goals, meet challenges, and feel a certain success in your productivity.

The truth is that it is challenging to be aware, aware, and connected when you are in a hurry. And being aware and connected are integral to living a creative, fulfilled and happy life that you are manifesting.

In other words, to be intentional with your life is to move slowly and steadily through it.
I’m going to share with you some of my best tips for becoming more aware of how fast you move through life, how to slow down and do less without losing your productivity.

Since adopting some of these steps myself, I am more energized, motivated, and disciplined, plus I get more done!
The secret is all about being more intentional and conscious with your actions.


Do you ever feel like you have a million tabs open in your mind? I’ve been there, and it’s nerve-wracking! The first thing you should do is identify where in your life you tend to rush things.

  • Is it the way you eat and prepare meals?
  • Do you communicate through emails and text messages or phone calls?
  • Homework?
  • Traveling to and from work or errands?
  • It could be your thoughts that are fast and your breathing.
  • It can be all of the above!

Only you can identify where you stand in terms of the scale of being fast vs. slow.

Check-in At Your Speed

The easiest way to find out is to check in with yourself several times a day to see how fast you’re moving through tasks and most importantly, how you’re feeling.

I like to do this throughout my day at certain key intervals.


For example, when I’m eating, I check how fast I’m chewing and swallowing. Are you savoring your food or gulping it down?

Writing Emails

Another good check-in point is in the morning when I start answering administrative emails. I would rush through these, trying to get them done as quickly as possible so I could move on to something creative. Now, I stop, check my breathing and slow down. As a result, I am more aware of the words I choose and most importantly the energy I am directing outward.

Walking from Place to Place

I also check my speed when I’m walking down the street. I stop and connect with myself, realizing that I am not aware of how my body moves. I make a conscious decision to slow down and appreciate my surroundings, take a deep breath of fresh air, and sort myself out.

Consciously Check-in During the day for 21 days

Twenty-one days is only a suggestion; it can take a week or a month, what is important is to set a time and stick to it. For the next few days, remember to check your speed and be present in it. Feel how fast your thoughts move, become aware of the speed of your breathing and exhalations, are you taking shallow breaths rather than deep belly breaths? Be very careful of your pace and adjust accordingly.

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing to go down is the frustration that can ensue, especially for those of us who like to move fast!

I am not suggesting that you skip the crucial things in your life nor that you move at a snail’s pace! Doing things more slowly and carefully simply means that you move at a different pace and as such, emit a different energetic frequency.

It is possible to achieve more when your energy is intentional rather than rushed and scattered.

So while you may feel the need to rush through lunch, actually stopping to chew and appreciating your food will shift all of your energy to whatever task you do next. It is also an act of self-love to consider how you go through life and prioritize doing things at a leisurely pace that makes you feel good.

My final advice = Give up

The last thing I want to say on the subject is this – if you feel overwhelmed and constantly ‘busy’, stop and surrender to the Universe.
Trust to do nothing and let the Universe show you the way forward.

Take deep, conscious breaths and let yourself sink into that stillness for just a few moments.

Leave space in your life. Allow simple, quiet and graceful moments. Notice how much lighter you feel when you breathe more deeply. Notice how much more in control you feel when you walk with intention.

Slowing down does not mean doing less; it means doing more with intention, focused energy and a higher vibration.