4 tips to practice gratitude in the workplace

The workplace can get really stressful—and of course, during your time at work, you’ll need to deal with the stress that comes your way. Instead of drowning in so much stress, you can fight it by feeling grateful.

By feeling grateful, you will be able to increase your empathy and help you understand different perspectives and open up to new ideas.

This is because stress and gratitude cannot coexist.

So, which one should you choose? Of course, gratitude. Here are things you can do to practice gratitude when you’re at work:

1. Be Aware Of The Small Things

At the end of each working day, I encourage you to make a list of three things that went right at work. It doesn’t have to be a big deal—it could be as simple as the copy machine didn’t jam this time when you were using it or the coffee in the pantry was replenished and you got first dibs.

It is essential to write down a few things that went well, especially when it has been a challenging day. You find it easy to overlook the positives of the day when things are not going your way.

When you’re done, put it on your desk so that when you arrive the next day, you’ll feel even more grateful. Also, before you start your day at work, you get that feeling of gratitude right away that makes you adopt a positive outlook for the day. It will be life changing.

2. Give Compliments to Colleagues

Your colleagues are essential to your work life. Even if you don’t end up with some of them after a long day at work, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel grateful for them when they’re around.

At work, a simple way to experience a sense of gratitude is to take the moment to notice the achievements of a colleague and thank them for it. By doing this, you’ll feel like a better smooch, and when you pay attention to the good things your friends do, you’ll be less likely to stew in negativity. The positivity you exude reflects back on your mood and productivity.

3. Take Five Minutes Before Starting Your Day

Before you start work, give yourself at least five minutes to write a morning gratitude list that is focused on what you are grateful for at work. Do this every day for a week and keep the list short, but specific.

Doing so is an excellent way to break bad habits, such as complaining, and start your day with enthusiasm instead of dread. You can also write on sticky notes and stick them to your computer screen to serve as a reminder of what you are thankful for during the day.

4. Take Time To Be Grateful In A Crisis

4 tips to practice gratitude in the workplace

The job crisis is quite common, and is bound to happen at some point. Instead of feeling negative and stressed about it, take the time to be grateful. Gratitude helps you see beyond disasters and recognize your achievements. Use gratitude as a tool to transform a crisis into an opportunity.